Poolville ISD board of trustees adopted the tax rate and budget for the 2019-20 year during a special meeting on Thursday evening in the District PD Lab in the elementary building.

The adopted tax rate is $1.23060 per $100 valuation, which is about 11.5 cents lower than last year’s rate.

For a home valued at $100,000, the homeowner would save about $106 on their yearly taxes, according to board documents from the meeting earlier this month.

The adopted budget amounts to just under $8 million in revenues and about $7.9 million in expenditures, Superintendent Jeff Kirby said.

Trustees approved an updated budget compared to the one they discussed in their regular meeting earlier this month. The new budget accounts for an agriculture barn and an activity school bus.

The agriculture barn would house different species of animals and prevent cross contamination of diseases, Kirby said. The barn would be near the agriculture shop at Poolville High School and is expected to be 25 feet wide by 155 feet long with 11 pens inside. PISD is still collecting bids for the $150,000 project, and the plan is to finish the barn by Christmas, before showing season starts.

In the future, the plan is to build a space for cattle outside of the barn as well, Kirby said.

During the meeting, Kirby said the final price of the barn could come in more or less than what is budgeted.

“If it’s more, it’s more,” Board Vice President Bill Blevins said during the meeting. “I don’t want to put a second-class facility up there.”

One activity bus is accounted for in the budget for $100,000, Kirby said. The activity bus will be wrapped in school colors and seats 44 individuals. Activity buses transport kids to certain events, like sports games, conventions and field trips.

During the meeting, board members discussed whether the district should buy two activity buses.

“We’re going to budget [for] one, but when we get our bids in, I’m going to ask them if we buy a second one what kind of break we can get on the prices,” Kirby said. “We have enough money set aside to where if we need to order a second one, then we’ll be able to do that.”

The budget also accounts for staff raises and paid meals for student athletes on days when they travel to play their games.

The next regular board meeting is on Sept. 12.

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