Poolville ISD board of trustees approved a bid with Tex-Oma for locks on all exterior doors for $11,684 during their meeting on Thursday evening.

Other bids came in at the $27,000-$35,000 range, Superintendent Jeff Kirby said. District staff will be in charge of installing the locks, but installation on gym doors will be delayed until after basketball season. The purchase includes a key making machine, and Dusty Brown, head of the maintenance department, is the only person that can make the keys.

Trustees discussed the new locks during their meeting last month, at which Kirby said it is a security issue when many community members have keys to district facilities.

“It’s a long time coming, and I’m glad we’re doing it,” Board Vice President Bill Blevins said about the lock purchase.

Sample locks from Tex-Oma were tested at Poolville Junior High prior to the purchase. PJHS Principal Jaime Dunnam described the sample locks as “hardcore locked down” in an interview a few weeks ago.

“Before if you jiggled it just enough, you could’ve opened that door easily; anybody could have had access into my building,” Dunnam said previously. “But now, you ain’t pulling that door open.”

Trustees also approved a bid from a roofing company called Target to repair the roofs on the junior high building and gym for about $172,000. The cost includes a 20-year warranty and a recovery board to prevent against hail damage, Kirby said.

The roofers expect the repairs to be done by Christmas, Kirby said. The roofs at PJHS haven’t been repaired in about 15 years.

“We’ve been piecing that roof over there together for years,” Blevins said.

Settle-up money from the state and extra money found in the audit, a total of $480,000, will help pay for the roof, Kirby said.

The next Poolville ISD school board meeting is Dec. 12.

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