The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic across the world and all the way down to the local level. After receiving questions from some of our readers about various related topics — from testing to the county’s newly-developed task force — the Weatherford Democrat contacted Parker County Judge Pat Deen to get some answers to more frequently-asked questions:

Question: Since Parker County doesn’t have a health department and the COVID-19 task force you formed recently doesn’t have an organized chart or plan, how can you confidently ask the governor to return decisions for “our health and safety” back to local leaders or you?

Answer: The COVID-19 Task Force does have a org chart and a plan, as outlined, is attached.

What is noted is the organizational chart and each week the plan is updated and adapted to the evaluation of the numbers and status in working with DSHS and the governor’s office. This is noted at the top the date the plan is for. Each week has an updated plan.

We can confidently ask the governor to give more local control for “our health and safety” as we have demonstrated through our containment strategy developed by the COVID-19 Task Force that we can effectively minimize the spread of the virus in a county of 145,000 with only 11 current active cases and NO DEATHS.”

Q: Is there any timeline for antibody testing for those who feel we were exposed (and recovered) last winter? Can we get an antibody test from our PCP (primary care physician)?

A: Our task force is requesting more data in terms of accuracy as some feedback is conflicting on the accuracy of the antibody test. Further, we are ramping up the PCR testing as per the Governor’s plan.

Deen was also asked who was representing the healthcare field on the task force, which he responded to by releasing the full organizational chart of each member, as shown here: 

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