A piece of local history was donated to the county during a regular meeting of the commissioners court on Monday.

Weatherford resident Tim Lewelling presented the commissioners with a record book he found that dates back to the late 1800s.

The book belonged to his father, Louis Lewelling Jr., who passed away in February.

Lewelling found the record book as he was going through belongings ofhis late father, who was a “historian of sorts” and an Army veteran of the Korean War.

“It’s always difficult when your parents pass away,” Lewelling said. “You start going through all their possessions, and you find things. I was nearly scared to open it.

“As I thumbed through the first few pages, I saw some beautiful handwriting,” he said. “I flipped through there to find a date, and the first date I saw was 1897.”

The book was probably the work of a court reporter, Lewelling said.

“From 1897 from 1903, this one person had written every page with any court case that had gone on, the judgement, how much they owed, and their fines,” he said. “I was just amazed... I wanted to donate it to someone who could appreciate this.”

Parker County Clerk Jeane Brunson said she looked through the century-old book and determined the reporter worked in several local courts. 

“Another employee and I stood there for quite some time, reading most of the information in the book,” Brunson said. “The handwriting is beautiful, and there are some very interesting subjects from Weatherford, Parker County, and Tarrant County. So apparently, there was a traveling reporter.” 

The book will be placed in circulation with the county’s collection of records prior to 1970, Brunson said.

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