Retired teacher sets up Little Free Library

Hudson Oaks resident and retired teacher and librarian Sandra Burrow set up a Little Free Library in her front yard to encourage children to read more.

Hudson Oaks resident Sandra Burrow is spreading a message of the importance of reading and setup a Little Free Library in her front yard for area children to enjoy.

“My message is how important it is for children to read,” Burrow said. “I put on our neighborhood app that I wanted to do this and people brought me over 200 books. Most of them are in the garage right now and I just wanted more people to know about it. I’m a retired teacher and librarian and this is just something I wanted to do.”

Burrow taught in Gainesville ISD for about 20 years and moved to Hudson Oaks six years ago to be closer to family. 

“There are people that have said to me, ‘Well I don’t see why I should read to my kids when they’re young, then they won’t want to read anymore.’ It’s the opposite. The kids like for you to hold them and read to them and then they associate reading as a good thing,” Burrow said. “They’ve got to read and a lot of kids are not reading, so what can I do about it? Not a whole lot, but that Little Free Library is something.”

Burrow’s husband George is all for the Little Free Library.

“I think it’s great and it’s gotten a lot of attention,” George said. 

Little Free Libraries are setup on a “take one, leave one” system, but Burrow said she doesn’t mind if people take one and then bring a book back at a later time.

“And all they have to do is ring my doorbell if they can’t find what they want because I have books in the garage,” Burrow said. “If people want to donate, obviously I don’t want encyclopedias, but if they want to donate and they aren’t getting used by people, I will take them to the Weatherford Public Library for their book sale. I don’t throw them away unless they get wet. I hate to throw a book away though.”

Burrow’s address is 212 S. Lake Shore Drive and the community can’t miss the bright purple Little Free Library sitting in the front yard. 

“I just think more people need to read,” Burrow said. “I thought if more people knew about it because all the people that drive by know about it, but other people don’t.”

Little Free Libraries are starting to gain popularity in Parker County, one being setup by Weatherford girl scouts at Cherry Park. Two more were approved by the Aledo City Council for Boy Scout Ben Oaks’ Eagle Scout project.