Precincts holding individual clean-up days

Some Parker County commissioners are holding individual clean-ups at their precincts this month following the cancelation of the annual County Clean-Up Day amid the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Following the cancelation of Parker County Clean-Up Day, the commissioners recently published information about their own precinct clean-up days taking place this month.

Precinct 1 Commissioner George Conley will hold clean-up days 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, May 11-15 and May 18-22 at his precinct at 3000 Veal Station Road in Springtown.

“It’s for two weeks, no weekends, and we’ll take the stuff that we always take,” Conley said. “We don’t take shingles and wet paint, and anything that you think is hazardous we don’t take. We also don’t take everyday household trash.”

Conley said his precinct will be open for all Parker County residents to drop-off items and for questions, call 817-220-7218.

“Precinct 2 is right here next to us so there’s no reason for those residents to have to go all the way to Peaster when they can come over here,” Conley said about opening his clean-up to all county residents.

Precinct 2 Commissioner Craig Peacock will hold a clean-up 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday, from now until May 29 at his precinct barn at 3033 Farm-to-Market Road 1885 in Weatherford. Peacock said his precinct will be closed on May 25 for Memorial Day and will not be accepting items.

Precincts holding individual clean-up days

Parker County resident Stephen Matthews took advantage of the Precinct 2 clean-up Monday morning. 

“We have roll-offs available for them to dump and they have to unload themselves, and put everything in the dumpster. They’re not going to be able to just dump it on the ground,” Peacock said. “We had a few residents come already [Friday] morning, so it’s just something we can do since we didn’t get to have the big clean-up. It’s good to have this.”

Peacock said county precincts already accept brush, tires and scrap metal year-round and that this clean-up is for Precinct 2 residents only. For questions about the Precinct 2 clean-up days, call 817-594-4022.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Larry Walden said because of the COVID-19 pandemic, his precinct is remaining closed to the public at this time.

“Our office is closed to the public, our yard is closed to the public and that’s going to be the policy until this pandemic is declared over. I don’t feel the need for people to get rid of their things overrides the safety and welfare of our employees and our employees’ families,” Walden said. “So that there’s no misunderstanding, we will have an opportunity for a county clean-up sometime later, but in our precinct, we are currently shut down, locked down, from the public entering our yard and our employees are social distancing and wearing masks. If we were to have an infection in our crew, we would be quarantining our entire crew for 14 days and we don’t feel like that’s a risk we’re willing to take at this point because of the essential nature of the work we have to do. We can’t close for 14 days, so that’s the decision that our leadership has decided on Precinct 3.”

For more information or questions about Precinct 3, call 817-594-0371.

Precinct 4 Commissioner Steve Dugan will be accepting items from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday through Friday through May 31 at his precinct barn, 1320 Airport Road, in Aledo.

“It’s basically an alternative since we had to cancel the normally scheduled clean up day because of COVID-19. We’re still trying to do the distancing, but we canceled so close to the date that we had people who already had their stuff loaded and so they’ve been calling looking for a way to dispose of it,” Dugan said. “We don’t take trash, paint, chemicals, no dirt or rock this time and it’s completely self-served this year so they’ll have to come in, unload their stuff and we have signs out in the yard telling them where to go. It’s basically the same setup, they’re just going to have to unload it themselves and that’s why we stretched it out over a longer period, to give everybody a chance to get things unloaded.”

Dugan will be accepting items from Precinct 4 residents only.

Walden said the commissioners are in the process of exploring solutions that would allow solid waste disposal year-round rather than just one time annually.

“There have been discussions toward that end and we anticipate having that available at the beginning of the next budget cycle,” Walden said. “It is something that I will bring forward as a recommendation for the county to have a couple of places for solid waste disposal five or six days a week, year-round.”

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