Shep's Scoreboard

An eatery for buffalo wings, Philly cheesesteak and loaded fries is expected to open next month in Weatherford.

Shep’s Scoreboard is expected to open in mid-October in the spot where Vintage Grill used to be on Fort Worth Highway. This is the latest restaurant in Weatherford from owner John Shepherd, who also owns Shep’s Place and Saltwater on South Main Street.

The restaurant is planned to have a sports bar and grill theme with one side planned for family-friendly dining and a bar on the other side, Shepherd said.

The project opened up when Vintage Grill co-owner Tom Moncrief approached Shepherd about opening another restaurant, Shepherd said. Shepherd said he has wanted to do this project for a while.

“We don’t have a true sports bar place in town, we don’t have any place to do a Philly cheesesteak and buffalo wings other than a few corporate restaurants,” Shepherd said. “So, I’m doing a little bit of all that, doing a sports bar with buffalo wings and Philly cheesesteaks.”

Vintage classic car museum, event center and conference room will stay open and is planned to be further developed, Vintage co-owner Therese Moncrief said. She said it was sad to close Vintage Grill, but a business decision had to be made.

“You can only stay open so long if nobody’s coming and most of the people coming were coming from out of town,” Therese Moncrief said.

Last week, Shepherd said his team was in the process of getting the restaurant open for business by working on getting tables and TVs, repainting and rearranging, among other tasks.

Business around downtown can benefit Weatherford, Therese Moncrief said.

“Any business that is opening to bring people to the downtown area and engage and entertain people in the downtown area can only help the downtown area, which is really a gem and people need to be reminded of that periodically,” Therese Moncrief said. “Having the publicity of a new business opening can not only help that business but both of the businesses in that area.”

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