The Parker County Sheriff’s Office has received reports over the last several weeks about scam pavers, and is warning citizens to be aware of these types of scam artists.

“These are scam artists who go door to door, soliciting gravel or asphalt materials and work on private driveways for a reduced cost due to ‘leftover materials from a previous job,’” according to a release from the sheriff’s office. “The scammers are known for spreading a thin layer of gravel or asphalt, which looks nice to the untrained victim’s eye. Yet after the first rainfall, under the Texas sun or under limited use, the ‘new’ driveway cracks and creates larger, more costly problems than what the homeowner initially started with.”

The sheriff’s office said that during the past weeks, residents have fallen victim to this type of scam and Parker County Commissioner of Precinct 3 Larry Walden said he has heard of four recent cases involving elderly victims.

“A few victims have told us the pavers are now claiming to be county precinct workers,” Walden said. “They usually claim they have material left over from a county job after they miscalculated what materials were needed, and they claim they will pave a new driveway for half price.”

Walden said the pavers usually have new trucks and will leave the area and head to another location to commit additional scams before victims can report the incident.

Walden said so far, the four recent cases were in the Brock area, but it doesn’t stop them from hitting all areas of the county. 

“If you have elderly family members or neighbors, please keep them informed about these types of thieves, and what flags to look for,” Walden said. “Many victims may be apprehensive about reporting the incident, afraid to admit they have been victimized. But, we want them to know how to spot these criminals. Our county workers are not allowed to work on private driveways. We will never sell materials to the public or approach a residence door-to-door soliciting any kind of work, materials or service.”

Walden said one victim near the Cool-Junction area reported the scam pavers claimed they had left over gravel, asking for permission to dump it in the homeowners ditch. The homeowner agreed and the scammers used a skid steer to spread the gravel, then approached the victim seeking $1,500 payment for their labor and materials. 

“This creates a big problem and costs taxpayers dollars to fix the roads and ditches they have ruined,” Walden said. “This man was smart enough to report the incident to me before he lost any money.”

Sheriff Larry Fowler urges resident to contact the sheriff’s office and report if they encounter any solicitors they believe to be a scam at 817-594-8845.