Springtown ISD

Springtown ISD board of trustees reviewed the 2018-19 Texas Academic Performance Report during their meeting Monday.

TAPR offers a variety of information on student performance, such as compared to state averages and divided by ethnicity and socioeconomic status, in Texas schools and districts. TAPR also has information on school and district staff, programs and student demographics.

TAPR includes standardized testing results, which SISD received months ago, that helped the district shape Campus and District Improvement Plans, Superintendent Mike Kelley said.

“Our instructional priorities continue to be improving our students' reading and writing skills, and generally ensuring that our students are prepared to demonstrate College, Career or Military Readiness,” Kelley said. “The relatively new information found in the TAPR reflects a high percentage of students enrolled in CTE [career technical education] classes, a teacher turnover rate that mirrors the state averages and lower-than-average kindergarten readiness percentages.”

The district received a B as the overall state accountability score, which is based on factors like test scores, graduation rates and college, career and military readiness.

“B looks lots better than the C that we received last year,” Director of Assessment Wesley Thomas said. “Obviously, there’s areas that we did some good things. We’re very proud of those, we’re proud of the efforts of the teachers and our support staff and everyone else as far as raising those expectations. However, we also recognize that even though that’s a B, it’s kind of a low B, and we want to make sure that we continually get better and continually improve in that academic standpoint to where we can get better and improve where it’s not as close. Obviously, our goal is to be an A district.”

Also, compared to 2017-18, scores increased in overall averages with increased percentages of “students reaching cut scores at each level (Approaches, Meets and Masters),” Kelley said. These levels show a student’s mastery of the subject material.

Thomas said math scores are good, yet English and writing scores are being focused on for improvement. Teachers are involved in training to increase reading and writing performance, and administrators are focusing on data to help each student improve.

Teachers have participated in professional development for teaching younger students, and Kelley said he and staff are confident that those efforts will be productive.

“The district's teachers and support staff continues to work hard and ensure every students' needs are met on a daily basis,” Kelley said. “Our focus will not be on any test, but we will use STAAR results as one of several data sources regarding our students' mastery of the curriculum. The STAAR test will take care of itself if we're providing solid instruction.”

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