Readers reacted to a Springtown man being arrested for killing his wife’s cat and unlawful restraint of his wife.

Kristin Sanborn Animals have no voice and do not deserve any kind of abuse! This just makes my blood boil. For your sake, it’s a good thing I don’t know you!

LeAnna McEuen Esmond Hope she has a restraining order...

Kristina Rutledge So help me God!!! I’m over people. I’m unsure how this is possible.

Q Nxved Le Flowers Just seeing the headline above was hard to read.

Courtney Leigh These are evil people!

Diane Dane Heine Hope you go to jail for a long time

Harry Myers This animal bonded out. So he’s back on the streets. He should’ve been denied bail. He is definitely a danger to society.

Tj Wagner Thats a coward in my book

Connie Dowty Texas needs to pass this law

animal abusers to register like sex offenders

While the main goal of collecting names of convicted animal abusers is to prevent them from being able to adopt or purchase other animals

I think any fines ( Which should be big $$$$) that these monster have to pay goes towards helping Animals in shelters ASPCA any rescues ...Texas residents, contact your representative and urge them to support H.B. 235.


Residents shared their thoughts about the Parker County Jail reporting zero suicides in nine years despite an increase in state numbers.

Elizabeth Jimenez Jeffery Epstein should have been put in the Parker County Jail 

Sherrie Stephens Ahern Really? yea lets talk about the ones that died in custody...

JasonnKaren Harnsberger How about the male in lnmate that was killed because he kept saying he couldn’t breathe buy yet they (LaSalle) didn’t care to listen to him.

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