The Parker County commissioners Monday morning approved a bid to start a realignment project at the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 730 and Stewart Street in Precinct 1 to improve safety.

“It’s a very dangerous intersection because of the way it’s curved and up on a hump,” Precinct 1 Commissioner George Conley said. “You have to hold your foot on the brake and on the gas pedal or you’ll roll backwards into people behind you, and you can’t see to the right, so it’s very dangerous. We’re going to straighten it up and get rid of that hump.”

The project should take about three months to complete, according to Engineer Tim Sansone with Freese and Nichols.

“This project has been in the playing for quite some time and I’m excited that we actually get to move forward with this. The project is realignment to a perpendicular intersection and a short section of the pavement will be improved to make that possible. You’re actually elevating the road to tie into [FM] 730 just because it is a steep grade there,” Sansone said. “Additional improvements will go on North of this project and the other thing I would like to mention is that we’re actually closing the road, so we’ve coordinated with the [Church At Azle] that’s at the intersection and we need to work with the county to put on the website about the closure of the road.”

The bid was awarded to Raytech Services LLC for $264,979.21, which was the lowest bidder on the project. 

“They’ve done great work for the city of Weatherford. I don’t think the county has hired them specifically for a project yet; however, I’ve had good conversations with other people about them,” Sansone said. “I think we got a great price for the project. We do have $750,000 budgeted for construction and there is a second phase that Commissioner Conley will complete with the remaining funds, so we do have the funding allocated and this is funding from the transportation bond.”

Conley said construction on the Stewart Street project should begin within the next 30 to 60 days. 

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