The incident of a 10-year-old Weatherford ISD student striking a teacher is still under investigation.

The incident from a local elementary school was reported to Weatherford Police Department last week. 

“We’re still working with WISD to resolve this particular issue, and we still have further areas that need to be followed up on, so the investigation is still ongoing at this time,” WPD Public Information Officer Sgt. Jason Hayes said.

Most likely, WPD will request assistance from the Parker County District Attorney’s Office to review the case, Hayes said.

During Monday’s school board meeting, Laura Anderson described two similar violent incidents that she said happened to her when she used to be a substitute teacher. Anderson said she was fired after she ran out of the classroom when a sixth grade student threw something that hit her in the head during class.

“If I had come before the board then, this teacher would not have been in such a plight today, but that was 20 years ago and my self-esteem was not strong enough then, but it is today,” Anderson said.

Anderson said despite mostly great students and learning environments, there is a “growing element of violence” that the district shouldn’t ignore.

“School must become a privilege again, not a right,” Anderson said. “We must stand for right behavior and not give a pass to troubled children. If we have a shooter in the future, God forbid, will we in chain see it was a troubled child who had multiple infractions but they were never addressed? Will WISD be shamed by that in our future? It could if we don’t act to hold students accountable for their actions because without consequence, there will never be appropriate behavior.”

Students who are bullies and violent should be kicked out of school, and parents should attend school with their kids until a behavioral change happens, Anderson said.

Anderson also said she would like to see WISD start extracurricular classes that taught morals, manners, ethics, virtues and the Bible.

Some in the audience applauded Anderson when she concluded her comments to the board.

Board members did not comment on what Anderson said or last week’s incident at the meeting. Last week, Board President Mike Guest declined to comment on the incident.

“We cannot legally respond or discuss anything as it relates to a child,” Guest said. “So we will have no comment at this time.”

WISD Executive Director of Organizational Culture Charlotte LaGrone said on Monday that WISD would not comment.

“Weatherford ISD does not comment on situations involving employees and/or students due to federal and state privacy laws that are supported by Weatherford ISD board policy,” LaGrone said.

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