TCA family gives back via Blessing Box

From left, Trinity Christian Academy students Hallee, 9, Hadlee, 9, and Tripp, 4, donated food items to the Blessing Box in Willow Park in mid-June. The Blessing Box is located at Bankhead Highway and East West Oak Drive, and anyone in need is welcome to take items from the box. 

Annetta resident Jennifer Carter has donated non-perishable items to the Blessing Box in Willow Park before, but a couple of months ago, she decided to involve her three children in the donation.

Carter’s son Tripp, 4, helped in the shopping process and all of the kids, including Carter’s twin daughters Hadlee and Hallee, 9, stuffed the box full of cereal, drinks, noodles, chips, canned veggies, beans, ravioli and snacks. Jennifer Carter said they included easy-to-make food items for kids that might be home during the day.

“We did do some full meals for the families to cook and then the rest was mainly just easy things for them because I assume probably some of them are home during the day,” Carter said.

The Blessing Box is at Bankhead Highway and East West Oak Drive, and anyone in need is welcome to take items from the box, Carter said.

Carter’s friend Miranda Carter established the Blessing Box a little more than two years ago after hearing about one being put up in another city.

Miranda Carter also gets her kids involved in giving to the Blessing Box and sees that other families get their kids involved as well. Kids involved in donating can learn about service and loving others, Miranda Carter said.

“The action of actually doing it is probably more impactful of just talking about it,” Miranda Carter said. “When they actually go and shop for the food, go and put it in the box, I think that it helps them to see what they’re doing and the impact that they’re able to make.”

Jennifer Carter encourages her kids to help serve those in need and said she wishes that there were more service opportunities for kids.

Giving to the Blessing Box teaches kids to recognize that there are people in need, Jennifer Carter said.

“The world we live in it’s easy for children to never see what it is to not have something and to not be fed,” Carter said. “It’s easy for our children to see that there’s just more than plentiful. I think they can just walk into a pantry and pretty much pick out whatever they want whenever they want it. It’s something God asks us to do to serve others, to love on others, and I think it’s a great opportunity for them to see that not everyone has the same opportunity.”

Hadlee and Hallee Carter agreed that donating to the Blessing Box is important because it’s something God wants people to do to help those in need and show kindness and love. Both girls said it felt good to give.

Jennifer Carter’s children attend school at Trinity Christian Academy in Willow Park, which also encourages service among students.

“One of Trinity Christian Academy’s core values is the development of a ‘Culture of Service’ where servant leadership is modeled, taught and practiced,” TCA Head of School Mike Skaggs said. “We believe this lesson is best learned when the home and school both emphasize the importance of looking beyond ourselves and focusing our efforts on serving others in the name of a greater cause. It’s wonderful to see this emphasis lived out in a TCA family that is working together in a way that allows their children to actively serve other people.”