Brock mayoral race

Two candidates are running for election in the Brock mayoral race — Jay Hamilton and Steve Aue. The Weatherford Democrat reached out to each candidate for a bio and a 500-word answer to why they are running for office.

Early voting starts Monday, and Election Day is Nov. 5.

Jay Hamilton 

Age: 59

Occupation: entrepreneur 

Why are you running for office?

Brock is my childhood and current home and is near and dear to my heart. I graduated from Brock in 1978. My family has lived here for 46 years. We are raising our children here. Since the Brock incorporation began in 2016, I have volunteered thousands of hours to our community in the following capacities:

— Member of the Brock Incorporation Committee that incorporated Brock and Brock West. (2016 – 2017)

— Elected Mayor of Brock West. (2017)

— Successfully led the effort for Brock West to merge into Brock resulting in the dissolution of Brock West. My vision was always to achieve a single Brock. (2018)

— Chairperson of the Brock Planning and Development committee. (2018)

— Brock City Commissioner. (2018-2019)

As result of my experience, I believe we need a mayor who will lead by having a vision for the future of Brock and build a plan to support the vision. That vision includes addressing our greatest challenges, water and population growth.

Here’s my plan:


Water is a critical finite resource. I will work with the Special Utility District (SUD), Upper Trinity Water Conservation District, Commissioner Larry Walden, and County Judge Pat Deen to start a program that monitors the health and capacity of our water sources (aquifer and SUD) and develop a plan for a long-term solution to supply water to Brock.


I so often hear our residents expressing the need for local access to products and services in our community. I will work with business leaders (perhaps a citizen’s business council) to develop a plan for attracting the right kind of businesses that will be a benefit to Brock. We will work with the Parker County Economic Development Council for retail businesses whose vision is to cater to a small community like Brock.

Stay Connected to the Community

I am a people person and relationships are an important part of my life. I believe trusts are built through relationships. I prefer to listen to people and understand the issues on ground. I will host a Brock Town Hall meeting every quarter, improve communications through keeping the website current with commission updates and information and community activities. I will also schedule a monthly meeting with the Brock ISD leadership so that Brock and Brock ISD remain in sync and informed. Likewise, I will also meet regularly with county officials so that Brock and the county are in sync.

Protect property values

My commitment is to protect the value of your property. Our property, in most cases, is the single largest investment we have. Commercial and residential developers are typically not interested in the value of your property if you’re their neighbor. I will work with the community and developers so that current and proposed businesses and residents’ needs are all considered as Brock grows.

I humbly ask for your vote so I can continue to work to help Brock keep its small community feel while helping manage its exponential growth.  

Steve Aue

Age: 59

Occupation: airline pilot 

Why are you running for office?

The past summer, I was asked by a friend to help get HOA and Town approval of their new swimming pool plans. This simple request has launched me in a direction that will change my life. I’d heard the rumors that the Town of Brock was beginning to enforce regulation on existing family homes and permits were being required. I read the Town documents and discovered the politicians had pulled a political bait and switch after assuming office. They promised three things to get our vote to incorporate. 1. Stop Weatherford’s forced annexation. 2. Use Parker County services. 3. Use Parker County regulations. That was a crystal clear voter mandate given to them. I learned the last promise was quickly discarded early on and the Commissioners had progressed far down the road of regulation, enforcement, citations and fines. 

I wrote on social media about the importance of keeping the voters’ faith. How current regulations would add thousands of dollars in additional costs while providing little or no tangible benefit and strangle market driven creativity. I questioned the wisdom of zoning the 1189 corridor Commercial. Are longtime resident’s financial investments really protected by ignoring market supply and demand? Indeed, will the predicted commercial boom ever become reality? I wrote about the dire situation of the Town’s administration, having no infrastructure to support their ambitious plans and zero communications strategy to inform residents. Finally, I’ve written about the importance of public procedure and public input of our Town Budget. Regardless how this election ends, this effort forced the politicians to stop going down the road they chose, admit a few of their errors and reprioritize their attention to the Town’s business. At least temporarily. If you allow me to become your next mayor, I will strive to accomplish the following:

Properly administer the Brock Town business. I’ll ensure the Town will have the electronic and human resources available to bring government to the people.

I will develop a robust communications strategy to give the residents timely information and discuss the Town’s tax revenue and budget priorities.

I have identified at least 8 current regulations regarding single family housing or general Town procedures that need to be stricken or modified. Our citizens expect and deserve quality infrastructure and drainage requirements. We do not want our new roads and parking lots to crater after a couple of years of use nor neighbors flooded due to runoff and inadequate storm water mitigation as required by current Texas law.

Require the Planning and Zoning Committee to only submit proposals that present cost estimates that will likely be incurred by the residents and/or the town.

My campaign slogan is Keep Brock…Brock. Brock has a unique identity and attitude. We aren’t Hudson Oaks or Southlake and we don’t want to become like them. If you vote for me, I’ll fight to hold the line and manage any change that comes our way.

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