Weatherford College board of trustees approved awarding the contract to build a new parking lot to Reyes Group during the meeting on Thursday in the Doss Student Center.

The parking lot is to be built on top of the existing tennis courts on campus to accommodate student population growth.

The bid price for the entire project is $618,424, and the project is to be completed in 90 days, according to board documents.

WC Executive Vice President of Financial and Administrative Affairs Andra Cantrell said three bids were opened on June 18, and they were reviewed and evaluated. The project is expected to be complete in November.

“I was impressed that the one you awarded the bid to has two years of warranty,” Vice Chairperson Sue Coody said.

Vice President of Instruction and Student Services Michael Endy announced the veterinary technician program was approved last month by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. The next step in the authorization process is for the program to be approved American Veterinary Medical Association, which won’t happen until the program is fully operational.

Endy said WC is reworking its interlocal agreement with the city of Weatherford regarding times of use, who is responsible for technology and use of faculty. The college is also in the process of obtaining audio and video equipment and imaging equipment for the course. A veterinary technician for the course is expected to be hired in the January.

Veterinary technician classes are expected to begin in fall 2020.

Trustees also heard a budget update from Cantrell. Since last month’s meeting, the proposed budget has increased by about $55,000, which brings the total to about $58.4 million. The increase is a result of changes in operating grants, Teacher Retirement System fringe benefits, equipment contingency, computer leases and WC Wise County reserves transfer.

Compared to last year, the proposed budget shows about a $2 million increase, Cantrell said.

The proposed budget will be adjusted next month when certified property values have been received by the college, Cantrell said.

“Once we receive that we, can start working numbers and we can see exactly where we would be at certain levels and then come back and give you those options and then any additional needs that we have agreed to by that time that administration is ready to recommend, we would be asking you to look at those at the workshop,” Cantrell said. 

The proposed budget is available online at

Toward the end of the meeting, Neill Legler Cole Partner Kyla Gail Cole and client Lisa Welch approached the board and asked to be heard by the board on a due process issue. Coody told them that she was not authorized to allow them to speak because the open forum time had passed.

The board also heard the demand study update and a report on student demographics.

The next regular WC meeting is on Aug. 8.