WC brick campaign continues to build

Weatherford College Foundation’s brick campaign has raised a net income of $32,177 since it was initiated in September.

Weatherford College Foundation’s brick campaign has raised a net income of $32,177 since it was initiated in late August. 

In total, the foundation has sold 186 bricks, WC Foundation Executive Director and Vice President of Institutional Advancement Brent Baker said. The money raised goes toward celebrating the college’s 150th anniversary.

The bricks will be placed in the Grogan Historic Plaza on campus, in between WC’s historic bell and archway. Bricks can be bought in the 4x8-inch size for $150 or 8x8-inch for $275. Donors can also buy the brick and book package for $200 which includes the pictorial history book Weatherford College: The First 150 Years by WC Alumnus and local historian Jon Vandagriff.

“While our brick campaign is only a small part of our 150th celebration, it is an opportunity for our citizens to show their support for Weatherford College in a permanent way,” WC Foundation President Bob Glenn said. “Your donation to the brick campaign will be a lasting memorial for you, your family or your organization. We are extremely pleased thus far from the response from the community and look forward to this being an attractive portion of our campus.”

In addition to the bricks, 165 copies of Vandagriff’s book have been sold, Baker said.

Vandagriff said he’s glad that WC has sold 165 of his books but hopes more are sold. He said he’s received positive responses to his book. 

“It goes back and covers a great deal of territory that really hadn’t been covered in a long time,” Vandagriff said. 

The bricks are to be installed and displayed at an event at the end of the year, Baker said. So far, more smaller bricks have been purchased, though the sale of the larger ones is also going well, he said.

The brick campaign could live on past this year and be available for purchase in the years to come to continue expanding the brick walkway, Baker said.

In addition, fundraising for the foundation is going well, Baker said. Fundraising had increased by 112 percent during the first quarter of 2019.

Baker attributed the increase to WC’s 150th anniversary and President Tod Farmer’s leadership, he said.

“I think there’s two reasons: people are excited about the sesquicentennial, and the second thing I think Dr. Farmer’s leadership, I think some of the things that he’s doing in the community and with the college, people are seeing that and getting excited about it,” Baker said. “The No. 1 reason is the sesquicentennial. People are buying bricks and buying books and giving scholarships.”