WC Foundation President Bob Glenn dedicates life to service

Weatherford native Bob Glenn has dedicated his life to serving the community.

When you think about servant hearts, Bob Glenn may be a name or face that comes to mind because that’s what the humble 77-year-old Weatherford man has dedicated his life to — serving his community.

Glenn was born and raised in Weatherford and said he had an unusual childhood.

“At 5 years old, my mother passed away and my dad was a Weatherford city policeman. He was working the night shift and I was an only child, so he didn’t see how he could keep me. He was a member of the [Knights of Pythias] Lodge and they operated the Texas Pythian Home, so he decided the thing to do was to put me in the Pythian Home,” Glenn said. “Well, it all worked fine until he got me out there at that castle and I looked up at it through the eyes of a 5 year old, and it terrorized me. I threw a hissy fit and I threw such a fit, he couldn’t leave me. So he brought me back home and called one of his sisters. So, four different aunts took turns raising me here in Weatherford.”

Being raised by his aunts, Glenn came to know everyone in town and after graduating from Weatherford High School, he was drafted into the U.S. Army in 1960.

“I finished up high school and was trying to decide what was next in my life and all of a sudden it was decided for me. I was 18 years old, single, not in college, had healthy feet — I got drafted. So I went into the military and then had another bump in life,” Glenn said. “I would have been a good example back then for the movie that was to be made many years later, ‘Forrest Gump,’ because I was shot in the buttocks in the U.S. Army. It wasn’t serious and it’s funny now, but wasn’t funny at the time. I’ve had guys come back from years ago when they were in the service with me and say, ‘I remember you, you were the guy from Weatherford, Texas that got shot in the butt.’”

Glenn moved back to his hometown and enrolled in Weatherford College on his GI Bill and eventually wanted to get a job in sales for a big manufacturing company.

“I got a contact from a guy that worked for the Folgers Coffee Company and he remembered me because all during high school, on Saturdays and holidays, I was the helper on a Mrs. Baird’s Bread delivery truck and would take orders for coffee. He said he was going to retire in the months ahead and this would be an excellent job for me. I thought it would be a great job — a manufacturer’s representative for a major company — so I filled out an application and he said he’d take care of it,” Glenn said. “Meanwhile, I got a call from Mr. Lee Young at First National Bank and they had an opening.”

Young asked Glenn to come work at the bank, something Glenn did not want to do until two of his professors told him to take it.

“I told my professors about the call from Folgers and about me turning down the job at First National Bank and both of them said I was making a bad mistake,” Glenn said. “They said the Folgers thing was up in the air and the bank job was a sure thing.”

So, on April 15, 1963, Glenn went to work for First National Bank Weatherford.

“I told Mr. Young that it wasn’t what I wanted to do though, I wanted to sell for a manufacturer,” Glenn said. “Well, just short of 57 years later and I’m just about to totally retire from Weatherford banking. I worked for all three of the original Weatherford banks — First National Bank, Citizens National Bank and the M&F State Bank, which was later called Texas Bank — and then I’m finishing my career at PlainsCapital Bank in my 13th year with them, and Folgers Coffee hasn’t called me yet. I’m still waiting on their call.”

On April 15, 1963, Glenn met the woman that would be his wife, Carolyn, who had gone to high school with him and had moved back from working with the Federal Bureau of Investigation when her mother got ill.

“During our wedding shower she told her mother, ‘My gosh, I have four mother-in-laws,’ because there were four little aunts lined up that she had to answer to,” Glenn said.

Glenn said he’s had a wonderful career in banking that he didn’t intend to have.

Besides his career, Glenn has served for many organizations and other entities in the county — Weatherford ISD board of trustees; Weatherford Municipal Utility board member; Weatherford Noon Lions, 52 years; Parker County Sheriff’s Posse, 25 years; Parker County Historical Commission, 25 years; Texas Historical Records state board member; Parker County Economic Development Corporation board member; North Side Baptist deacon; Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo board; and the Weatherford College Foundation board, 12 years.

Glenn is now the president of the Weatherford College Foundation and this year has secured more than $130,000 in endowed scholarships since May.

“Last year, Bob approached me about volunteering for the college foundation once he retired from banking. He said he could only play so much golf and that he wanted to make a difference and to spend his time making a difference. We were blown away, so he came in May and we made an office for him and he’s hit the ground running,” WC Vice President of Institutional Advancement and WC Foundation Executive Director Brent Baker said. “He has brought in 13 permanently endowed scholarship funds to the Weatherford College Foundation, which is over $130,000 — keep in mind, that is completely volunteer work on Bob’s part. It’s incredible, it has been such a boost to our foundation and to our college. It’s just been wonderful.”

Glenn will still be dedicating three days a week to PlainsCapital Bank to make sure his clients are being taken care of before he officially retires on Dec. 31.

“Because two Weatherford College professors took a keen interest in me and wanted to see me succeed, I never forgot that, so now that I’m retiring, I volunteered to come to Weatherford College and as long as the good Lord gives me health to do so I’m going to be out in the community raising funds for endowed scholarships and other donations to help the college become an even better institution in the years ahead,” Glenn said. “Wonderful things are happening at Weatherford College. A four-year nursing degree, the things that are planned for the campus, the outstanding president [Tod Allen] Farmer, I’m so excited about it and I really enjoy being here.”

Glenn has won many awards including 1996 Outstanding Citizen Award, Weatherford Board of Realtors; 1997 Alumnus of the Year, Weatherford College; 2010 Alumnus of the Year, Weatherford ISD; 2010 James Doss Award, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce; 2011 Outstanding Citizen Award, Weatherford Chamber of Commerce; 2013 50-Year Banker Award, Texas Bankers Association; and most recently, the 2019 Carlos Hartnett Award from Weatherford College for his fundraising efforts for the WC Foundation.

“He brightens the office, he’s just a great person who cares about people. He’s a man of faith and he and I have been friends for a long time, but this has been just tremendous for us. I can’t say enough about what he’s done,” Baker said. “He was also the chairman of our capital campaign that we did back in 2011 to 2013, he chaired that campaign, and we raised $2.4 million and shattered our goal. I knew at that time that he was really good at this, but to volunteer his time doing this has just been tremendous.”

Glenn said he wants to make sure that in the future, Weatherford College has financial resources to help students.

“So when students come to get an education to better their lives, to change their lives, we have the resources to help them,” Glenn said. “I would like in the months ahead to get to the $250,000 mark, but not stop there. That’s my first goal and then after that just keep contacting people that I know and just go tell the Weatherford College story. I’ll do that as long as God gives me the strength and the health to go do it.”

Glenn said he’s had a great life and that his hometown has been good to him.

“I owe a lot to a lot of people. This hometown has just been wonderful to this kid — this old man now,” Glenn said. “I’ve lived here all my life, and it’s been great.”

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