WD launches 'The Lighter Side' podcasts

The first installment of “The Lighter Side,” the official podcast of Parker County, features Jennifer Shepherd and Jack Barksdale.

Furthering its move into the digital age of news, sports and feature coverage, the Weatherford Democrat released its first podcasts this week.

Dubbed “The Lighter Side,” every episode will tell the story of the Parker County community by celebrating and sharing stories from people who love their hometown.

The inaugural episodes feature exclusive interviews with Weatherford business owner Jennifer Shepherd and singer/songwriter Jack Barksdale.

Produced and hosted by Drew Myers with Open Mouth Communications, “The Lighter Side” is a look into the lives Shepherd and Barksdale and what drives them to be who they are and why they live in and love Parker County.

“We have produced and created many platforms of distributing news and features, and this is just one more way for us to do that,” Texas Regional Editor Dale Gosser said. “Moving into podcasts is a no-brainer. You can listen to ‘The Lighter Side’ on your phone, tablet or computer any time you want and listen at your leisure. It doesn’t matter if you listen all at once or listen in excerpts when you have time.”

To listen to “The Lighter Side,” the official podcast of Parker County, all you have to do is visit weatherforddemocrat.com/podcasts.

The Democrat will release two new podcasts a month every other Thursday starting in December. The next scheduled release is Dec. 12 and then again on Dec. 26.

“I’m excited to be part of launching this new endeavor with our podcasts,” Weatherford Democrat Managing Editor Sally Sexton said. “It allows us another avenue to be able to share the stories of people in Parker County with our readers. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we enjoyed creating it.”

On the first installment of The Lighter Side, Shepherd said the most wonderful thing about Weatherford, Texas is “the sense of community in this town. I grew up in San Diego and it was very much not a tight-knit community so when I moved here, I met lots of people that are pillars of the community and they embrace you with open arms and they take you into their kitchen and they bring you pies when you’re sick and they rally around your business when you need help.”

Jack Barksdale, 12, a musician who sings and plays guitar, explained why he loves Weatherford and Parker County.

“I love Weatherford because it’s home and I don’t know what not to like about it. It’s amazing.”

Myers, who has more than 500 podcasts under his belt, understands how important this type of communication is with listeners in the Parker County area.

“The power of story is real,” Myers said. “I just feel honored and blessed to help this community tell its story through the stories of the amazing people that live here. It says a lot about the newspaper embracing this progressive initiative. Every community should have the opportunity to share its story in this new out-of-the-box way.”

To promote your business on “The Lighter Side,” contact the advertising department at 817-594-7447.

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