Weatherford City Council members met for three minutes to have their first regular meeting of 2019.

Before adjourning, council approved the consent agenda that included several items, one of which is for construction and use of a new telecommunications tower at the Weatherford Police Department. The cost of dismantling the existing tower and transferring telecommunications equipment is about $10,000.

The telecommunications tower is used for dispatch, communication and radio monitoring, Telecommunications Supervisor Sgt. John Rudolph said.

The current tower has been used by the city since the late 1990s, Rudolph said. Last summer during a radio system upgrade, police officials realized that the tower was overloaded with cabling and antennas, which have been added throughout the years. The solution was to get a new tower that will be more structurally sound.

“Over the years we’ve had to add more cabling to the tower,” Rudolph said. “The tower when it was initially built served its purpose well, it was fine, but it’s having to be overloaded because we’re growing. The city’s growing, there’s more radio channels than we used to have. The city’s growing, the tower didn’t.”

The new tower is supposed to be moveable and can transfer with the police department whenever they decide to change locations, Rudolph said.

Rudolph said the tower now has a triangular base while he expects the new one to resemble a utility pole. He hopes the tower will be installed sometime this year.

Also approved in consent agenda, council authorized the city manager to use more than $50,000 to increase the storage system capacity with Sirius Computer Solutions, Inc. They also approved a change order for rock backfill in the Black Warrior Creek Stabilization project in the amount of $167,146. Council also approved an award to buy two 2020 rear load garbage trucks for no more than $387,064.