Fire truck

The Weatherford Fire Department is donating a retired truck, Engine 2, to the Weatherford High School Career and Technical Education program.

“It is my pleasure to propose the donation of a retired fire truck from the fire department to Weatherford High School Career and Technical Education program as part of our strong community initiative,” Weatherford Fire Chief Jonathan Peacock said. “The Weatherford High School Career and Technical Education program provides unique opportunities to prepare students for college, advance certifications programs, the military or employment. The many career pathways empower students to immerse themselves in their fields of interest through hands-on learning, field-based experiences and internships. The donation of this truck will provide the fire science portion of this program with an outstanding training tool of the students to use as they carry out realistic fire ground activities.”

The high school’s CTE program offers many “Career Clusters” for students to choose including agriculture, food and natural resources; architecture and construction; arts, AV technology and communications; business management and administration; education and training; finance; government and public administration; health science; hospitality and tourism; human services; information technology; law, public safety, corrections and security; manufacturing; marketing; science, technology, engineering and mathematics; and transportation, distribution and logistics.

“We are so grateful to the Weatherford Fire Department and Weatherford city council for donating a retired fire truck to our CTE program. This donation literally brings real world learning opportunities to the classroom. Students will learn the mechanics of the truck while wearing firefighter PPE, work the ladders, and how to load/unload hoses and how to properly connect hoses,” WISD Director of CTE Kady Donaghey said. “Fire service is a great career and we have a number of students who are interested in this career path.  Having a working fire truck at the high school is sure to be a great addition to an already outstanding course. There’s simply nothing better than providing a hands-on learning experience for students.”

The goal of the high school CTE program is to foster STAAR success for its students, increase student enrollment in CTE and increase the percentage of students that receive a national/state license or certificate recognized by business standards, according to the WISD website.

“The fire truck we are proposing to donate was purchased in 2001 for $208,887.86. It has served the department for 19 years as a frontline piece of apparatus and also as a reserve apparatus. It is now officially retired from the fleet and would normally be sold at auction,” Peacock said. “The twin truck that was purchased along with this unit was sold in auction in June of this year for $5,850. Instead of sending this unit to auction we’d love to invest in our community’s youth by allowing this apparatus to be donated to the Weatherford High School.

“If the high school receives this donation, they have plans to paint the truck blue, put a large kangaroo on the hood, use it at football games as well as trainings but also for other school activities. They will have a great opportunity to display school spirit.”

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