The Weatherford Housing Authority is currently accepting applications.

People who qualify for Section 8 assistance receive a voucher that pays for about 70 percent of rent and utilities. The renter is then responsible for paying the remaining 30 percent. Recipients may choose to live wherever they want, as long as the total rent falls within standards set by HUD and the landlord agrees.

The voucher program currently helps about 2 million American households pay rent in the United States. The Section 8 Program is a subsidy program and is designed to help the working family, the family that is going to school or the family that is getting job training. 

The mission of the Weatherford Housing Authority is to provide safe decent and sanitary housing conditions for very low income families and to manage resources efficiently.  The Housing Authority promotes personal, economic and social upward mobility to provide families the opportunity to make the transition from subsidized to non-subsidized housing.

Research seems to indicate that the Section 8 program is a success. It helps many families live above the poverty line, spend money on food and health care rather than rent and improve their well-being. It helps families move into better, more stable neighborhoods. It substantially reduces homelessness, especially for families with young children. Surprisingly enough, it also reduces incidences of mental health problems such as depression. If you qualify for Section 8 and your situation stabilizes, increasing your household’s income, that’s great. That’s how the program is supposed to help you. The income limits for qualification only matter at the time you apply for Section 8 assistance. However, as your family income increases, your voucher will be proportionately reduced. Once you’re earning over 80 percent of local median income, your assistance will fade out entirely.

If you think you qualify for a Section 8 housing voucher, you should contact the Weatherford Housing Authority at or 817-596-0300. Office hours are Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Remember, no one should ever charge you for a Section 8 application.

Weatherford Housing Authority is currently asking for landlords in Parker County to please call to list your available units in the availability book and sign up to be a Section 8 landlord.

As the executive director of the Weatherford Housing Authority, I would like to challenge Parker County to be a non-homeless community. If you know of someone needing assistance please refer them to Weatherford Housing Authority. At this time, WHA can assist 518 families but if the wait list increases WHA can request more vouchers from HUD. The Section 8 Program is a subsidy program, not an emergency housing program. Let’s help families be in homes, not in homeless shelters.

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