In a continuing battle for control of land west of it, the City of Weatherford next week could begin the process to involuntarily annex additional acreage in or near the recently incorporated Town of Brock. 

The City of Weatherford Friday afternoon released two maps of areas that the city council on Tuesday could decide to begin the process of involuntarily annexing. 

An attorney representing the Town of Brock, Sharon Hicks, told the Democrat Friday evening that the area Weatherford is seeking to annex does not appear to include area within the Town of Brock. 

The city council Tuesday is also expected to consider authorizing litigation against Parker County and the Town of Brock contesting the incorporation of the city and election of officers for the Town of Brock, as well as discuss legal issues pertaining to the future annexation of territory and incorporation of additional cities affecting the City of Weatherford.   

One area Weatherford is seeking to annex, described as the “Dennis Road West annexation,” includes approximately 188.50 acres along Ranger Highway and Interstate 20, west of Jones Road and Dennis Road.

The second area, the “Coy Road annexation,” is approximately 77 acres and stretches along Interstate 20 and Coy Road.

“As a resident of Parker County, you are undoubtedly aware of the growth occurring in our community,” a statement attached to the Weatherford City Council agenda reads. “As that growth continues, the City of Weatherford is interested in promoting orderly growth and land-use interests through the application of zoning and development standards. The City of Weatherford is required and obligated to provide services in an effective and efficient manner and to protect the quality of growth and development to ensure the highest standards of living and community character possible.”

According to a copy of the regular Tuesday night Weatherford City Council agenda released Friday afternoon, the city council is expected vote on setting public hearings for the proposed involuntary annexations.

If approved, the city council would hold public hearings on Feb. 14 and Feb. 21 before voting on involuntary annexation on March 14. 

Weatherford’s involuntary annexation proposals come days after the Parker County Commissioners Court on Dec. 27 voted to hold elections regarding possible incorporation of the Town of Brock West and the Town of Dennis. 

Residents of western Parker County submitted petitions in late December requesting incorporation votes, which will be held on May 6. 

The issue became contentious after residents of several neighborhoods in west Parker County in August submitted a petition to the county requesting an election on whether to incorporate the Town of Brock along Interstate 20 and in several neighborhoods to the south.

Days after the petition was submitted to the county, the City of Weatherford, citing protection of its western boundaries and future development along Interstate 20, began the legal process of involuntarily annexing land on Weatherford’s western boundaries, extending the city’s ETJ to overlap with the Brock incorporation area.

The Weatherford City Council finalized the involuntary annexation days before the incorporation vote was finished.

On Nov. 8 Brock voters overwhelming approved the incorporation of the Town of Brock. 

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