WISD Education Foundation drive receives 250 backpacks

About 250 backpacks, $1,400 in cash donations and hundreds of school supply items were donated in Weatherford ISD Education Foundation’s 15th annual Backpack and School Supply Donation Drive. The donations benefit the foundation’s School Supply Closet for students in need of supplies. 

Weatherford ISD Education Foundation had their largest donation drive ever in the 15th annual Backpack and School Supply Donation Drive on Saturday.

WISD Executive Director of Organizational Culture Charlotte LaGrone said hundreds of school supply items were donated as well as $1,400 in cash donations. In addition, about 250 backpacks were donated.

“Our businesses and our community have really supported us in the biggest way ever this year,” LaGrone said during the school board meeting on Monday. “If you’ve been in my office we have about 250 backpacks all over the floor. [Marketing and Communications Director] John [Tarrant] couldn’t even hardly get in his office this morning because it was all blocked, but we have a ton of school supplies, and I just appreciate so much that our community joins us in wanting every child to start school with brand new school supplies and a backpack.”

All donations benefit the foundation’s School Supply Closet, which provides backpacks and supplies to 1,200 students annually since 2003, according to WISD’s website. In total, more than 15,000 kids have benefitted from the School Supply Closet since the 2003-04 school year.

“It’s always great when the community comes together to help the students of the WISD,” Education Foundation Board of Directors President Dave Cowley said. “Last year alone, over 1,200 kids benefitted from the WISD Education Foundation School Supply Closet, and that will probably increase this year, and thanks to the generous donations, every one of those needs are going to be met this year.”

The closet also prevents teachers from having to spend their own money to buy classroom school supplies, Cowley said.

“It’s a huge benefit to the teachers because, back when I was going to school, teachers out of their own pocket had to come up with the money to help these kids,” Cowley said. “Since we’ve had the School Supply Closet, it doesn’t happen anymore, so it’s a great benefit to the teachers.”

If a family needs school supplies for their WISD student, they should contact the main office at whichever campus that their child is attending school. More information is available by contacting the WISD Education Foundation Office at 817-598-2956 or by email to clagrone@weatherfordisd.com.