Weatherford ISD trustees heard a proposal for saving energy during a meeting on Monday.

The board did not take action on the proposal, which will be reconsidered at a later meeting.

“If we develop a budget, we start looking for opportunities to be as efficient as we can, maybe save some funds,” Superintendent Jeffrey Hanks said.

The proposal included employing energy saving company Cenergistic. The services are expected to cost the district a monthly fee of $15,075 in the first year and a monthly cost of $7,000 for the energy specialist over the contract’s term, according to a presentation at the meeting.

The district is projected to save about $1.7 million over the course of five years.

The program structure would include licensing of GreenX software solution and an energy specialist to augment existing staff.

Cenergistic looks at energy consumption and finds ways to manage energy use more efficiently, Hanks said. WISD administration recently met with Cenergistic. The district has control of the changes made, which are not supposed to affect the classroom environment.

The district’s savings are guaranteed to exceed the cost of the services, according to the presentation.

“We’re going to pay a monthly fee, then at the end of the year, if they haven’t been able to show that we make more than that investment then they write us a check back,” Business and Finance Assistant Superintendent Lori Boswell said. “They guarantee that we will not lose money.”

The proposal is expected to be considered by the board in July, Hanks said.