Weatherford ISD board of trustees reviewed campus reflections from the school 2019-20 Targeted Improvement Plan at Ikard Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Hall Middle School and Tison Middle School during Monday’s meeting.

Targeted improvement plans were designed for those WISD schools that received a D rating in the state accountability categories. Tison Middle School is also included because the campus received a D rating overall for state accountability last year.

Each campus plan set forth outcomes and performance goals for cycles, most of which are being met, according to a presentation by Assistant Superintendent of Academics Deana Lopez said.

Lopez also showed data from elementary on-level reading in grades 1-5 that shows mostly all growth from the middle of the year in 2019 to the middle of the year 2020, and the end of the year in 2019 to the middle of the year 2020. She also showed graphs for on-level reading data broken down by campus for Ikard and Crockett. Crockett has shown growth, except in a few grades, from middle of the year 2018-19 to middle of the year 2019-20, and end of the year 2018-19 to middle of the year 2019-20. Ikard has seen more fluctuations between improvement and recession among the grade levels for on-level reading.

For middle school students below reading level, 76% showed one or more levels growth, 32% for two or more levels growth and 29% three or more levels growth, according to Lopez’s presentation.

To a board member question, Lopez said students are getting the curriculum they need.

“We’re moving forward,” Lopez said. “Our kids are learning to read. They’re writing in the classroom. Our math scores are going up. Our social studies do better when the kids can read and they learn how to read a map, chart and graph. In science, they’re doing better. Our students’ performance has increased over the last two years.”

Board members also tabled an item that would have selected Snow Garrett Williams as the district’s external auditor for the fiscal year that ends Aug. 31, 2020.

The firm has been WISD’s auditor for at least 10 years, Assistant Superintendent of Business and Finance Lori Boswell said. 

The engagement is based on the estimated hours of work, Boswell said. The hours estimated are 350 hours for an average total of $45,000. This item usually is not considered by the board because it is under $50,000, which is the threshold amount for board approval. Boswell said she will get in touch with the accounting firm to confirm the number of hours of work. 

Board members asked if the engagement could be capped at a specific amount.

“I’m a little uncomfortable with no lid on the jar, so to speak,” Board Vice President Brian Catlin said, though he said he doesn’t take issue with how Snow Garrett Williams performs the audit.

To a question by Board member Wally Wallace, Boswell said the board would need to move forward with a bidding process in December or January if they wanted to get bids for another auditor. The engagement needs to be approved in April for the auditors to get started on the audit.

The board also approved administrator contracts.

The next WISD regular meeting is scheduled for April 13, and a budget workshop is scheduled on April 23.

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