Residents reacted to the news that a 22-year-old Weatherford woman and her unborn baby died as a result of a car wreck on Farm-to-Market Road 51 North as well as TxDOT’s announcement that the FM 51 improvement project will begin Monday.

Brittny Starr Hatchett My heart is so sad she was such an amazing mother and friend prayers for her husband and son they didnt just loose their wife and mother but they lost a daughter and little sister as well. she is going to be greatly missed. Rip kaylin and baby lilah.

Velynn Dehls So sad, I hate driving on 51, it scares me, no matter if it’s day or night. Prayers to all who were involved. 

Norman Talbot She was such a sweet woman. Prayers for her family.

Rhonda Bray Torres Sending prayers for this family. My 26 year old son was killed in an accident on this road back in Oct of 2018. My heart breaks for all involved.

Kelley Spears Cromwell This is so sad , my heart goes out to her family and friends. She came to work everyday with a smile and always so positive. She is going to be missed....many many prayers..

Jessie Burke King Prayers for this child that lost a loved one.. may the person that caused this accident find healing also.

Jessie Bird I had a guy that nearly hit me head on passing in a no pass zone. That was just a few days ago. People disregard all of their common sense as if driving isn’t one of the most dangerous things that we do. Prayers for the family.

Hank Plitt State Police have been very heavy on it lately, but it is a Farm-to-Market road and people drive like it is a freeway. I have lived off 51 for 10 years and I can’t even use the turn lane to get to my house because people use it to pass. TX Dot has done NOTHING and disregard minimum sight distances required by law before allowing driveways and/or entrances to be built.

Brandie Rohmann Alright, it’s time for a change. Every year too many people lose their lives on this road! At this point it’s crazy no changes have been made. How many more people have to die?


Residents shared their thoughts about continued construction on the roundabout at Weatherford College, which is expected to be complete in late August.

Hillary DeVille Lamb This is a waste of taxpayer dollars and wait...there Will be so many wrecks and crashes. No one in this country really knows how to use a roundabout properly. We are not in Paris.

Debbie Browder Look what all they TORE UP doing this !! Perfecting good road, trees and college entrance !! For what ??? Should have put in a light !! People never slow down at the one Mockingbird

Brittnay Ennis So many wrecks just waiting to happen. Thank God I’m graduating soon.


Readers reacted to a Weatherford man being removed from an American Airlines flight and being arrested for public intoxication, resisting arrest, assault and battery and disorderly conduct.

Crystal Brown Woerly “Welcome to Oklahoma City. Hopefully, you won’t have to stay long.”

Margaret McCoy American Airlines has enough problems that it probably drove the passenger to get drunk.

Madison Shelley Stay classy Weatherford 

Steven Thedorf Some people are the absolute worst. Can we just leave that person in OK. She can stay in the other Weatherford.

Denise Roberts-Welch On his behalf you do get drunk the higher the plane is this story is to funny

Peggy Clem Smith Well that’s embarrassing!

Peggy Felts Perhaps he has a phobia against heights. Was just trying to take the edge off and on the process had an anxiety attack. Next time try southern comfort. Smooth with a kick


Residents react to a damaged gate valve causing a multi-day water outage in Horseshoe Bend.

Brenda Lynn Salazar Yes it’s bad and we’ve had to replace numerous fixtures in our home due to the rock solid mineral buildup. I’m going to have to go get another kitchen faucet soon. Not even a commercial strength cleaner gets all of it off. It’s either off, not much pressure or brown, and the mineral scale ruins things.

Alicia R. Carroll So is western lakes nothing like getting home from work to NO water once again for over a month now! And when we do it just dribbles

Kellie Chewning This is constant out there. They never do a damned thing about this water company. They haven’t had a day without a boil water notice in years. The regulators never hold them accountable.

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