WP adopts 2019-20 tax rate, budget

Willow Park resident Val Vierling spoke at the last public hearing, before the city council adopted the budget and tax rate, thanking the council for answering her questions throughout the process. 

The Willow Park City Council unanimously adopted the fiscal year 2019-20 budget and tax rate Tuesday night after holding a final public hearing.

WP resident Val Vierling spoke during the final public hearing, thanking the council for answering questions throughout the process.

“I just wanted to thank everyone — the council members who responded to the email I sent with questions about the budget items and I appreciate your responses. I have a few more I’m going to follow up on, but other than that you have it on record and you have my blessings,” Vierling said. “Again, thank you for Ranch House Road, I can’t wait until we can have a place where my car doesn’t get beat up.”

No one else spoke during the public hearing and the council adopted the budget.

“We’ve had three public hearings, two workshops and we’ve had very little change at all since the original document,” WP City Manager Brian Grimes said. “I would like to stress again that roughly 94 percent of the tax dollars are going to public safety and so that was one of the concerns we had at our Granbury conference, trying to increase public safety staffing. We’re going to try to make that happen in the next few budget cycles.”

The council also approved the tax rate, which will stay the same at $0.5367, but will be a 6.2 percent revenue increase bringing in about $90,000 to the city.

“The tax rate overall will stay the same, your [interest and sinking] rate is $0.2449 and your maintenance and operations will be $0.2918 for a total of $0.5367,” Grimes said. “We think this is a pretty good budget and thank you for working with us and thank you for coming and giving us input. Thank you to the citizens and those that spoke at the workshops in giving us their input.”

Mayor Pro Tem Lea Young said she appreciated that the council was able to compromise on things.

“I very much appreciate the council working together. I know we’ve all had some different ideas, we weren’t on completely different pages, but we had some different things that we all felt we wanted and recognized,” Young said. “Rather than sticking by them and having a split vote, coming together and making a compromise so we could all be in support of the budget was a very important thing to do as a council.”

For more information about the budget and tax rate visit willowpark.org

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