WP city council hears update on Willow Park North development

Willow Park residents look over the presentation of the Willow Park North development at Tuesday’s city council meeting.

The Willow Park City Council heard an update on Wilks Development’s Willow Park North, which is an area of land behind and next to the Shops at Willow Park.

The Shops were developed by Wilks and the company is sticking to the city’s comprehensive plan goals that were set in 2014 to plan a mixed-use development that will incorporate The Shops.

The plan includes town homes, multi-family apartments, single-family homes, retail and office space, a hotel, an amphitheater and community events center. 

Two of the city’s comprehensive plan goals include ensuring future developments enhance the overall quality of life for WP and seeking opportunities to establish roads to support developments along Interstate 20.

“We want to build more offices and bring in those jobs. We’ve got the SpringHill Marriott coming in, we’re currently working on a bank and we’ve got more restaurants coming in. Everybody is a fan of more options and I think we can easily say it’s about 250 on the job count,” president of the development company Kyle Wilks said. “Roads are always a big issue in any city, it’s always a hot topic, so this is nothing new but I do feel that through the partnership with the city we are tackling that.”

Other goals include providing quality safety, attractive neighborhoods and a range of quality housing types, and maintaining quality of life.

“We don’t want to have people get to their mid 20s and move off to Fort Worth and we don’t want our senior citizens to not have a place to go. We want to have a place for every life cycle so people can grow up in Willow Park and they can stay here and I think that’s key,” Wilks said. “Maintaining quality of life is crucial, giving residents here a place they can work, live and play. I think if we stick with this plan and continue to add, we can create something that truly is kind of an urban lifestyle but almost in a rural setting. I think we have an opportunity here in Willow Park that most cities would be envious of.”

Wilks said in thinking about future development, it’s also important to keep open spaces and embrace nature.

“Open space and green space, if you can get it close to the offices and restaurants, it helps to draw in tenants and jobs into the community,” Wilks said. “We want to embrace nature so we want to do walking trails, children’s parks, recreation areas and give some public art opportunities there, something that’s unique and we have all of that in the works.”

Wilks said the process is moving and appreciates the relationship the company has with the city.

“The Shops at Willow Park is probably one of the biggest economic improvements we’ve had in the city,” City Manager Bryan Grimes said. “I think we’re fortunate and blessed to have someone like Wilks Development here.”

For more information about Willow Park North visit www.wilksdevelopment.com

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