At Tuesday night’s meeting, the Willow Park City Council unanimously approved an ordinance to de-annex 11.69 acres of land that was intended for a senior independent living complex after the discovery of survey errors.

Residents debated the complex, some for and some against, at public hearings last year, and at the December 2018 meeting, the council approved a rezone from R-3 Multifamily District to PD Planned Development District for the facility.

The land, which is at 8892 Bankhead Highway, was to be home to a luxury senior living complex featuring a pool, courtyard, community spaces, a walking trail, 30 garage units and individual garden plots.

The property had been annexed by the city of Willow Park on Feb. 22, 2018, and on Aug. 23, president of Bar-Ko Land Company, owner of the property, Bryson Adams sent an email to city officials requesting the de-annexation.

After the council approved the rezone for the facility, it was scheduled to come back for one more public hearing and possible action on a site plan, but never took place.

“As you are aware, Bar-Ko Land Company recently petitioned and received approval of annexation as well as PD Zoning from the city of Willow Park relative to 11.69 acres,” Adams said. “Due to possible errors in annexation and zoning as a result of a possible surveying error in this property as well as what was thought to be the city limits on contiguous property, Bar-Ko respectfully requests de-annexation of the subject property. In addition, Bar-Ko holds the city of Willow Park harmless and accepts responsibility for the surveyor’s error. Bar-Ko is considering submitting an alternate site as an independent or senior living site.”

The WP council met in executive session Tuesday night before unanimously approving the de-annexation ordinance. According to the ordinance, the de-annexation was voluntary pursued by both parties and not a result of a disputed service plan or any other obligation on the part of the city and Willow Park is not responsible for services to the property nor reimbursement of property taxes paid during the time the property was in the city limits.

“After the land along Bankhead Highway was annexed and zoned, it was brought to the city’s attention that there may have been a problem with the survey provided to the city during the voluntary annexation process,” WP Communications and Marketing Specialist Rosealee Kertok said. “The city, after a due diligence review, determined the survey did contain errors, which led to the city taking steps to reverse the annexation.”

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