Readers reacted to a woman who claimed she was scammed while putting a deposit down on a rental house.

Brian Melven This is frustrating because I reported this scam to Weatherford PD over a month ago after the perpetrator tried to scam my sister. I was disturbed that the Craigslist ad was still active a week after reporting it. At that time, Weatherford PD contacted the actual leasing company and verified the ad was a scam.

I even went to multiple neighbors of the property on Valley Drive and and let them know what was happening and to watch for suspicious activity.

I don’t fault Weatherford PD; I trust they did all they could do. I’m just frustrated there was a victim after they targeted my sister.

Doreen Dromgoole This is why having a realtor pays off.

Heather Mitchell Kingston What type of lock box was on the house?! Very important to specify because if it was a Bluetooth ibox that we realtors use, we need to know! This could affect the safety of all of our listings! Especially the vacant listings! Please specify the type of lock box involved.


Residents weighed in on a story about a vehicle crashing into a Weatherford home, injuring three.

Cole Geeo Is that where bankhead and centerpoint meet ? I’ve always thought I’d hate to live in that house at the split.

Andrea Messer I’ve always worried and wondered about the owners of that house 

Lynnie Hickman Lowry That’s Awful!


Readers commented on the new landscaping project going in on South Main Street.

Sherri Firestone Turner This project is the most unnecessary thing Weatherford could do! All construction has stopped on the north side where the road is so bumpy, it’s like the road is full of speed bumps! It has ruined my suspension system!!! Weatherford, lets get busy fixing roads!!!

Diane Holt Smedley Where did all those beautiful Texas bricks go? I would like one! No seriously!

Josie Brumbalow I’m excited about all the changes they are making! Yes it sucks while they are in the process but the end result is going to be really nice and the boardwalk at the lake...great attraction! I can’t wait!

Waylon Westmoreland I wonder if the town knows that there are THREE other roads that branch off the courthouse?

Shannon Ellingsworth I think it is really going to modernize the look! Pot holes suck .. hope that’s their next fix after all the improvements!

Johnny David Such a waste of time how bout do something about the road itself. Traffic on Main is as bad as LA. I don’t think anyone in Weatherford actually works, nothing but lifted goofy trucks with cut off mufflers practicing for NASCAR up and down main all day long...

Jennifer Nellett To bad they didn’t think of this 7 years ago when they did the same area. No let’s waste millions of dollars just to redo the same stretch every few years.

Doug Farmer This is the biggest waste of money yet! How about spending money on fixing this nasty water!

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