As park weather approaches, Weatherford Police Department Sgt. John Rudolph offers some advice following two vehicle burglaries that occurred at Holland Lake Park Sunday afternoon.

Sometime between 3-8 p.m. Sunday, two vehicles had their windows smashed at the park and two purses were stolen, which contained cash, a cell phone and a wallet.

“Both of them had their windows smashed and both of them had female’s purses with contents that were stolen. I’m sure they’re related, it happened during the same time frame of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.,” Rudolph said. “There was a group of people having a picnic near the area of one of the vehicles, but they said they didn’t see or hear anything, and the office did not go into his report as if they were suspects or anything.”

Rudolph offered some advice for park-goers and anyone else going to a place where they need to leave their valuables inside their vehicle.

“Don’t just cover it with a blanket because anybody looking through a window can see the bulge underneath. You’ve got to completely hide it out of sight, not even the strap can be sticking out,” Rudolph said. “Also, when you’re hiding it, don’t hide it when you get there. You do it before you get there. If there are burglars in the area that are sitting there watching as people pull up, they know what you’re doing. The safest place is probably the trunk, but you want to hide it before you get to your destination. There are people that are in these parks and parking lots and they sit watching for people to hide it. If you do it enough, you know the motions of someone hiding their purse.”

Rudolph said no arrests have been made and the thefts are still under investigation at this time. 

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