Weatherford Police Department is hosting a presentation to educate the community on active shooter situations next week.

The free training starts at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 15 at North Side Baptist Church.

WPD Officer Paul Tumlin is one of the police officers that will lead the presentation.

“As a department, we recognize that it’s our responsibility to keep our community safe, and with this training and with this program we just hope to provide the right tools and information to our community should they find themselves in an active shooter event or an active attack event, they’ll be better prepared to handle it,” Tumlin said.

WPD has given presentations like this upon request at schools, city buildings and churches, Tumlin said. The training touches on mindset characteristics of attackers, physical and psychological responses of civilians during an attack, how civilians can “avoid, deny, defend” during an active situation and the role of police during a crisis.

Community Services Commander Ronnie Villarreal has led this training before and may interject on certain topics during next week’s presentation. Villarreal pointed out that this is a crisis intervention training that can be applied to any situation where lives are in danger.

“The message we’ll try to convey is to try to remain calm and give you some tools to be able to think critically if you get yourself into a situation like that because depending on the situation, it may be best for you to run away or it may be best for you to hide or depending on what’s going on, it may be best for you to actually engage subject-to-subject depending on what’s going on at that particular time which you’re involved in,” Villarreal said.

Anyone is welcome to attend this training, especially those who aren’t receiving the training through a workplace setting, such as homeschooled students or stay-at-home moms, Tumlin said.

“We’ve had a good response to this program,” Tumlin said. “Never has anyone come to me in any way and said, ‘Well that was a waste of time.’ It’s always a really good response and thankful for the information.”

In addition, Corp. B.J. Sharp from the Parker County Sheriff’s Office will be talking about active shooter awareness during the East Parker County Chamber of Commerce luncheon at 11:30 a.m. Wednesday at New River Fellowship in Hudson Oaks.

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