Mineral Wells City Hall

Mineral Wells City Manager Randy Criswell issued a statement Tuesday afternoon saying face coverings will no longer be required inside city facilities, but are strongly recommended.

"The City of Mineral Wells will continue to strongly recommend the safety protocols established by the CDC, including the wearing of personal face coverings (masks) to reduce the spread of coronavirus," according to the statement.

However, if a person is inside a city-owned facility and exhibiting signs of illness or making employees or other patrons uncomfortable due to apparent symptoms of illness, the person will be asked to either put on a mask or leave the facility, according to Criswell.

"City employees will be allowed to exercise their own judgement and discretion with regard to whether or not they choose to wear a face covering or mask, but will also be expected to comply with the wishes of any business they enter while on duty," according to the statement. "Individual employees will still have full authority to establish and enforce standards for decorum in their own individual offices, which may include the requirement for wearing a face covering or mask, which if necessary, will be conspicuously posted and masks will be provided."

Criswell said while Texas Gov. Greg Abbott's order restores building occupancy to 100%, those in city-owned facilities will maintain appropriate social distancing in accordance with the CDC.

"All temperature checkpoints in place at city-owned facilities will remain and be utilized," according to Criswell's statement.

"Even though the governor's order has removed the requirement for masks and restored capacity limits for businesses and the like, this remains a matter of personal responsibility for everyone. Please consider the circumstances of others, and above all else be kind. One day this will be over, and arguing over masks will have accomplished nothing beneficial."

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