Parker County impacted by computer system attack

On Friday night Oct. 16, 2020, Parker County discovered they were impacted by a computer security incident.  Following the discovery, County IT staff quickly isolated the compromised systems to limit the spread of the attack.

County elections systems were not impacted. The Parker County Elections systems reside on an isolated network which was not impacted by this computer security incident.  No disruptions to early or election day voting are expected.

Parker County and supporting organizations continue to investigate the origins of this attack.  However, response and recovery are the counties top priorities at this time, as well as determining the cause and vulnerability of this attack to prevent future occurrences.

Additional resources are supporting Parker County IT with the investigation and recovery of the counties’ computer systems, including:

  • Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Texas Department of Information Resources
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation – Cyber Third Party Cybersecurity Specialists, including Presage Solutions, Inc.

Until this is resolved, county residents may notice impacts to county services.  Please contact the respective department you are needing services to confirm if there are any disruptions.  Until all remaining services are restored, citizens may also seek alternative services through the county’s website at

At this time, no personal information appears to have been compromised by this attack, but further investigation in the coming days will verify these initial findings. The county will provide updated information to our citizens as we begin to restore business and financial services.

For additional information, please contact Parker County Relations Officer Staci Markwardt at 817-598-6166, or the County Judge's office at 817-598-6148

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