A Parker County Sheriff’s Office deputy was struck by a vehicle when he was crossing the street to go to the county courthouse Tuesday morning, law enforcement officials confirmed.

The sheriff’s office confirmed it was one a deputy of their department and that he was taken to a downtown Fort Worth hospital for an evaluation of his injuries.

The Weatherford Police Department worked the scene and said the deputy was walking across the North Main Street portion of the roundabout at the courthouse that turns onto Palo Pinto Street or continues around the building.

“An older gentleman in the inside lane was waiting to begin his turn to go around the courthouse and as he did, I guess he didn’t see that the deputy had started crossing through the crosswalk there and hit the deputy and knocked him down,” Weatherford Police Sgt. John Rudolph said. “The deputy did go to the hospital with unknown injuries, not believed to be life-threatening. He was conscious, but in pain — they thought maybe his hip or leg area was hurting him — and he went by ground ambulance. We don’t know which hospital he went to and we don’t know the extent of his injuries right now.”

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