The Parker County Sheriff's Office obtained a search warrant for Joshua Caleb Adair, 22, of Paradise, for dumping FedEx packages on Dec. 31.

Parker County Sheriff’s Office investigators obtained a warrant for Joshua Caleb Adair, 22, of Paradise, in connection with discarded Christmas FexEx packages that were discovered on Dec. 31.

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said a county precinct worker reported the incident after locating several open and unopened packages in a creek.

Deputies spoke with the county precinct worker, who reported while he was supervising jail trusty inmates to clear debris and trash from barrow ditches in the area, the crew discovered seven packages, according to the sheriff's office. The parcels were addressed to residences near the area including South Main Street, Meadowview Trail, Hutcheson Hill Road, Browning Court, Cornstubble Lane, J E Woody Road and Southwood Bend in Springtown and Poolville.

According to the sheriff's office, deputies reported most of the contents of the packages appeared to be intact. The package recipients are being contacted to verify if any items were taken and to collect their belongings at the sheriff’s office.

Sheriff’s investigators also discovered that Adair was hired for holiday help less than two months prior as a delivery driver contracted to deliver holiday packages by a postal company. Investigators believe Adair threw the packages into the creek because he did not want to deliver them.

Investigators also said delivery company representatives were sincerely distraught to discover the packages were not delivered, reporting they were all documented as being loaded on the same delivery truck driven by the suspect on Dec. 22. Company representatives also reported Adair told his employer that the packages were never loaded on his truck.

One of the victims reported the delivery company sent him an alert that his package had arrived to his address. However, he had not signed for it, nor was it delivered. He searched the area finding his package in a ditch near his home along with another victim’s parcel.

“The contracted delivery company representatives were very cooperative with our investigators,” Fowler said. “They forwent subpoenas and assisted our agency in locating the recipients and discovering who the suspect was.”

Fowler said he was glad to know the packages are being returned to their rightful recipients.

“We believe these packages were meant as Christmas gifts which were never received because the suspect was too lazy to deliver them,” Fowler said. “We were surprised to discover he discarded them so close to the homes where they were intended to be delivered.”

Adair is being charged with cargo theft which is a state jail felony for each offense.

In total, 16 packages were reportedly not delivered. Fowler said 10 packages have been recovered and their owners have been contacted to retrieve their packages.If anyone locates the remaining packages, they are encouraged to contact the Parker County Sheriff’s Office at (817) 594-8845.

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