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RENO — Two law enforcement officers were shot and a third was nearly wounded when a suspect accused of threatening others opened fire on them in Texas and barricaded himself in a home in the 800 block of Harris Road, authorities said.

When police were finally able to enter the home, they found two people dead, according to media reports. The shooter was identified as Lain Christian, 26, and the victim was his sister, 17-year-old Sierra Christian. 

"Preliminary investigation indicates Lain Christian, 26, shot Sierra Christian, 17, and set fire to the house," Reno Police Chief Tony Simmons said. "Mr. Christian was later found dead at the scene from what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound."

Police said their mother, who called authorities reporting that her son had a gun and was making threats. The mother escaped the house and was transported to the Azle hospital with serious injuries. 

A Reno officer was shot in the arm and a Parker County deputy was also wounded.

"Three Reno officers responded to the address, along with two Springtown officer and a Parker County Sheriff's deputy. Upon their arrival, the officers were met with gunfire. One Reno officer was struck in the arm," Simmons said. "A second officer was struck but the bullet hit the officer's duty belt at the tourniquet holster casing and taser holster. I believed the equipment prevented the bullet from striking the officer himself. The wounded officer was evacuated from the scene and transported to an area hospital for treatment."

Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler said the deputy was shot multiple times and was transported to a Fort Worth hospital. Fowler said the deputy was treated for his injuries and later released.

“We are grateful our deputy is doing well,” Fowler said. “He is currently recuperating at home. We expect him to make a full recovery and we anticipate his return to our team.”

Fowler said he is also grateful for the prayers and support for the deputy from the community. 

The deputy’s name is not being released, but has been employed at the sheriff’s office for six years and nine months. 

Reno Mayor Eric Hunter issued a statement on the city's Facebook page Friday afternoon saying the situation no longer presents a threat.

"I want you to know that the Reno officers and sheriff's deputy are doing well and recovering. The situation no longer presents a threat and the investigation is being conducted by the Texas Rangers," according to Hunter's statement. "Although we experienced a tragedy you can be proud of all our first responders who handled the situation with the upmost of professionalism, loyalty and dedication to protecting our community. Thank you to the community for pulling together and making sure that all our first responders were supplied with food and water after more than an 8-hour standoff. I am extremely proud of our officers and our citizens and our community."

Hunter thanked the Briar-Reno Volunteer Fire Department, the Springtown Police Department, Parker County Sheriff's Office for assisting.

Simmons said the investigation of the incident is being conducted by the Texas Rangers and is ongoing. 

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