Areas of Springtown were up and running with water again Friday afternoon as the city continued to work on restoring the facilities to all residents. 

The city warned that higher spots in town will take longer to have water service restored.

"The topography in Springtown means the further north and west you go, typically the higher you are," according to a press release from the city. "Please continue to be patient if your service hasn't been restored yet."

Anyone with concerns about a main break near their home is encouraged to report it to city hall during business hours (817-220-4834) or to the police department after hours at (817) 220-0828.

"Please continue to conserve," according to the city's press release. "Over the last two hours it has been apparent that our customers are conserving. We appreciate your cooperation, and ask that you please continue to do so as that will help all of our customers have their water service restored as quickly as possible."

The city remains under a boil water notice, and residents will be notified when that is lifted.

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