Lance Johnson

Peaster ISD's new Superintendent Lance Johnson wants to kick off his new job by building relationships and getting to know the staff.  

PISD board of trustees hired Johnson as the new superintendent on Monday evening at the Peaster ISD Administration Building.

Johnson has been serving as the superintendent at Randolph Field ISD, which is near San Antonio. In total, he has spent 22 years in education, including about seven years at Randolph Field ISD.

“I started out as a janitor and a school bus driver, and I’m a first-generation college student that put myself through school,” Johnson said. “I was very blessed in my career to take jobs as they came along, but I started off and have done just about every job in the business.”

Johnson said he will get to know the team and send out a questionnaire to teachers asking about the district’s successes and needs to further understand the district.

Johnson said he felt called to work in Peaster and hopes the environment will benefit his young daughter who will be a fourth-grader at the elementary in January.

“[Peaster ISD] is a premier school district in this area, and they’ve established themselves as an outstanding place to raise kids,” Johnson said. “I have a 9-year-old little girl, and I really wanted to find a place that I felt like would benefit her as she grows, that she’d have opportunities to experience success and be raised in a community and school that shares my values as a parent. I felt led to come to this district and just be a part of this family.”

Johnson described himself as a Christian man who loves his family and kids, and he hopes to make decisions based on what is needed for the district’s kids.

“I believe that if we do the right things for the right reasons, we’re going to continue to be blessed,” Johnson said.

Johnson said he is thankful for the board giving him the opportunity to lead the district.

Board President Mike Bowling said he sees Johnson as a leader that will maintain Peaster’s culture, which is that of caring, inclusiveness, community involvement and a small, hometown feel. Bowling congratulated Johnson and said he is proud to have him as superintendent.

“Change is scary. What I’d like for people to know is that we feel we’ve brought in a guy that will keep Peaster Peaster and keep the culture that we’ve worked so hard over the years to build,” Bowling said. “That is really goal No. 1 is we don’t want to turn into a different district. We want to build on what we’ve held on to as our district and grow from there but keep Peaster as Peaster as possible.”

PISD Communications Director Paul Casey said staff is excited to get to know their new superintendent.

“I think he has a vision, and I feel like he’s a strong leader and really wanting to be a member of our community,” Casey said. “That’s what he really relayed to me about; he’s excited to get his family here and become a Greyhound.”

The previous superintendent Matt Adams, who resigned in July, had been in his position for 10 years, and PISD superintendents have similarly long tenures, Casey said.

“It is kind of a big deal here to have a leadership change, but we’re excited,” Casey said.

Johnson's official start date in Peaster is on Jan. 1. He plans on attending the next school board meeting on Dec. 19 as an observer.

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