A new water tower will be built on the west side of Weatherford on Newport Road.

Weatherford Water Utilities Director Rick Shaffer said in an interview last week that the city has to add an additional elevated storage tank on the west side, which has seen significant growth. The new water tower allows Weatherford to stay in compliance with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality requirements.

“Water storage tanks, and particularly elevated water storage tanks, serve an important function in a water distribution system,” Shaffer said. “The most obvious function is that they store water so that it is available for customers when they need it. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has specific requirements for how much water storage capacity a water utility must provide for its customers. Weatherford operates eight storage tanks with a combined capacity of 6.6 million gallons, with an additional 1 MG of capacity at the water treatment plant.”

Storage tanks are either ground storage tanks or elevated storage tanks, and the elevated ones provide and maintain pressure for the system, Shaffer said.

“So if you think about how much water pressure you have when you turn on the faucet in your sink or your shower at home, the water pressure is relative to the height of water in the elevated storage tank,” Shaffer said.

The next steps are finalizing the design and submitting that to TCEQ for review, Shaffer said. Once construction starts, the water tower could be finished in a little more than a year.

Shaffer said he doesn’t expect the construction of the water tower to impact residents, but part of the project involves replacing a water line on South Bowie Drive, which will impact traffic.

“We are trying to locate the water line outside of the pavement as much as possible to limit the impact to motorists,” Shaffer said.

Weatherford Marketing and Communications Director Blake Rexroat said the new water tower is another way the city is building a strong community.

“The water tower is just another example of how we’re building a strong community here in Weatherford to provide the best service for our residents and our water customers,” Rexroat said.

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