Wedding party


Scarlett and Adam Preston did something unique for their wedding recently and had adoptable dogs from Saving Hope Rescue accompany wedding party members down the aisle. From left are Christa Biggs and Jessica Watt.

Family and friends weren’t the only ones that witnessed Scarlett and Adam Preston exchange vows earlier this month when some four-legged guests accompanied the wedding party down the aisle.

The Prestons, of Weatherford, partnered up with Saving Hope Rescue to put a unique spin on their wedding ceremony at Weatherford Lake — having adoptable dogs attend.

“I’ve seen people do that on Facebook and we’re just really big animal lovers. I used to foster specifically for Boston Terrier Rescue of North Texas and I’ve also done a lot of stuff with the Weatherford shelter, but now I’m a travel nurse and I can’t have a dog of my own, and I can’t foster, so I thought we would have the wedding party walk with dogs,” Scarlett said. “It’s just kind of our own spin on things and we wanted to do something important to us.”

Saving Hope Rescue Administrator McKenzie Smith took seven puppies she was fostering as well as five other adult dogs to the wedding.

“It was super exciting and seeing it come to light was even cooler,” Smith said. “We took seven of these little Boxer puppies and they had so much fun. There were larger dogs too, but I figured puppies would kind of be the easiest to transport down the aisle. We have had somebody reach out to do a wedding before, but it didn’t come to fruition. So this is the first time that we’ve actually done a wedding and it was so fun and so cute. Scarlett made little sunflower collars for all the pups and they were just adorable.”

As for adoptions, Smith said some wedding guests showed interest in the puppies.

“The puppies will be available next week and we did have some interest, so some might be going home next week,” Smith said. “We are a 501c3 non-profit and we consider ourselves based in Fort Worth, but we’re foster-based so we have foster homes really all over DFW. We work with the Weatherford shelter, Fort Worth and a bunch of different shelters on community outreach. We’re all volunteers and the foster-base helps us get a better sense of the dogs. So people can get to know them a little better and help place them in forever homes. I think that really helps long term for the dogs.”

Scarlett said it meant so much to her to do this, especially since her own pet passed away.

“It means a lot because I had a Boston terrier that was like my child. I just always thought that he would be in my wedding and he’s not here,” Scarlett said. “I was so happy and couldn’t believe they were doing this. It’s definitely a dream of mine because I’m a big animal lover. I couldn’t imagine not having dogs at my wedding, and my dog not being able to be there, this is kind of honoring his name.”

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