The Willow Park City Council unanimously approved the final plat for The Reserves at Trinity addition.

Being developed by Wilks Development, the 140-acre tract of land will include an event center, single family lots, multifamily lots, town homes and green space along the river.

At the April meeting, the city council approved two rezoning requests to move the event center to the north, closer to other recreational areas, and grouped the single family lots together.

“There were specific number of lots set, so 97 lots for single family — that’s the maximum number of lots they can use within the area — and there is almost 14 acres zoned for multifamily, and there was a maximum number of multifamily that could be developed within the subdivision and that’s 208. So they will never exceed 208 units,” WP Planning Consultant Betty Chew said. “Then there was the area that was set aside for town homes and that is a maximum of 110 town home units. So they were higher than what is normally allowed, but were approved by the [planning and zoning] commission and council, so these are the maximum number of units that will be allowed within this development.”

Chew said there is also an area along the Trinity River for green space that will be improved and a parking area on the south end.

At the April meeting Kyle Wilks, president of Wilks Development, said their original plans changed as they began looking to rehab the old race track.

“The idea was to try and rehab it, try to save it, and we went in there and looked at it but it just didn’t make a lot of sense both structurally or economically. So we tore down the race track and made it single family, which had always been planned,” Wilks said. “This event center, where it sat originally, just didn’t make a whole lot of sense to go there because it was right in a residential neighborhood.”

As of now, there is not a timeline for the completion of the development.

“We look forward to continuing to work with Wilks Development and eagerly anticipate watching more high-quality development come to life in Willow Park,” WP City Manager Bryan Grimes said.

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