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With the rising popularity of fast-casual restaurant fare and a renewed interest in home-cooked meals, traditional fast food chains are working feverishly to draw hungry consumers in with fresh ideas. As a result, a number of industry giants are even going beyond the bun — branching out to include some unusual ingredients and presentation methods.

With summer practically synonymous with road trips and vacation travel, it’s important to focus on the one essential that’s more important to your trip than sunscreen — the vehicle you’ll be driving to your destination.

At least one of the two unions representing striking Verizon workers plans to let members off the picket line in Massachusetts to find work and are reaching out to other groups and unions for support, exposing the financial strains of a prolonged work stoppage that marked four weeks on Wednesday.

NEW ALBANY, Ind. — Following the final state tallies on Indiana’s Primary Election on Tuesday, Democratic Party presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders delivered a speech claiming victory at the New Albany-Floyd County, Indiana Library’s front steps Tuesday.

Some eligible voters ages 18 to 30 work for campaigns, attend rallies and follow their favorite candidates via online news sources. Others rely on social media for information, enjoy public discourse or find it more pertinent to avoid political talk altogether.

PALESTINE, Texas -- A woman and her four grandchildren died overnight in a flash flood, as heavy thunderstorms moved through central and east Texas, sending swift-moving water from a nearby creek into several homes.

After joining a Medicare Part D prescription drug plan recently, I was happy to see that one of its member pharmacies was a small, family-owned business. I have a fondness for neighborhood drugstores, as my late pharmacist father owned one when I was growing up. We lived in an apartment abov…

The vicious killers that crawled out of Spahn Ranch in the summer of 1969 at Charles Manson's behest to kill innocent people didn't just terrify California, but the entire country. The addled, apocalyptic death cult these murderers and their master were the faces of -- a cult that embraced a…

When Jenny Baney graduated from Bloomsbury University, in Pennsylvania, in 2009, later earning a master’s degree, she felt like she was doing a good job paying off her student loans.

It's been a rough few weeks for Buddy, a 14-year-old Labrador mix in Michigan. His owner died suddenly, and people who know the dog say he plunged into a deep depression. Then a veterinarian pronounced Buddy terminally ill, with cancer that spread all over his body.

A self-described Michigan "soccer mom" who had "every belonging" taken from her family in a 2014 drug raid has been cleared of all criminal charges, 19 months after heavily armed drug task force members ransacked her home and her business. But in many ways, her ordeal is only beginning.

To recognize the difference between harmless courting and a potentially dangerous situation, an Indiana non-profit organization is reaching out to bars and restaurants with a bystander intervention program to teach employees how to recognize signs that interactions among patrons may lead to domestic or sexual violence.

The latest version of the World Happiness Report was released Wednesday, and the good news for the United States is that its place on the report's ranking of the most and least happy countries is pretty high, and moving up. This year's update, produced by the Sustainable Development Solution…

FRANKFORT — Kentucky health officials have confirmed the first case of Zika virus infection in the state, and while they say Kentucky residents face little risk they’re also asking people to take precautions in advance of vacation and mosquito seasons.

WASHINGTON - The amateur artists can be found coloring in airport lounges, doctor's office waiting rooms and while they watch TV shows at home. They are forming coloring meet-up groups at libraries and coffee shops so they can chit-chat as they doodle.

After Keithley-Roth and her birth daughter were reunited in 2009, she had been on a mission to make it easier for people who were adopted between the years 1941-93 to have access to their original birth certificates and records. Her hard work and perseverance were finally rewarded late last week.

Your fitness routine is in full swing two months into the year: You're eating right and you're exercising, but you're not yet seeing the results you want.

Americans will get back some $330 billion in tax refunds this year, and more than half of that is earmarked for savings accounts or paying down debt. That's the highest percentage since 2007.