Good day Millsap,

Growing up in a small Texas town in the hot summer, kids traveled all over on their bikes, swam in local ponds (tanks as some say), built massive playhouses out of boards and bricks and whatever might be lying around and drank water from the water hose. Some watched favorite television shows but that was limited because there was only one television in the house and parents ruled. There were no DVRs for later viewing. Teenagers headed for open gym in the evenings to play basketball. Each generation has its own set of childhood memories and if you are lucky, those included your grandparents. They influenced (and still do) grandchildren with their values, support and perspective. My grandmother gardened, fished PK Lake, had lovely flower beds, hung clothes on a clothesline and cooled her home with a swamp cooler. Her life was simple. She had problems but handled them with strength and determination. Her family was her world. Do you think of your grandparents often, no matter your age?

The Millsap Heritage Society did not meet this past week because of the heat. They did recently do a great job on the breakfast on July Fourth as a rodeo week/trail ride send off. Thank you to all who donated time and breakfast supplies! They hope to meet in September before the annual learning day at the log cabins, but the uncertainty of COVID could change the plan.

The Millsap Garden Club enjoys celebrating the accomplishments of the scholarship recipients with a luncheon honoring them in May. This year’s celebration was postponed, but has now been canceled. It was hoped that the COVID situation would be greatly improved in the summer months but that has not been the case. Of course, the scholarship awards will be given to each of the ten students. This is an awesome group and Millsap is so proud of you!

The Brazos River Authority is recommending the use of nose plugs as the water is warmer and warmer and may allow for the growth of dangerous bacteria.

May your week be blessed in every way.

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