Local election signage and advertisement has begun to appear on many street corners in Weatherford. This week we will have a quick refresher regarding proper placement and a review of city ordinance regarding political signage and advertisement.

All political signs are considered non-commercial and must comply with the following requirements: 

1) The non-commercial sign is not a sign type prohibited by the signage ordinance.

2) The non-commercial sign is displayed on a “sign type” identified in ordinance code and must comply with all identified requirements for that “sign type.”

3) For non-commercial signs on residential property, the non-commercial sign shall not exceed 36 square feet in area.

 According to city ordinance section 12-5-7, “political signs in all zoning districts are subject to the above requirements for non-commercial signs and subject to the additional requirement that a political sign must be removed within 30 days following the date of the election to which it pertains. Candidates are encouraged not to place political signs too early, and the city does expect signs to be taken down within a reasonable time frame so as not to create a nuisance.”

In an effort to ensure compliance with applicable state law and local ordinance, the City of Weatherford respectfully requests all candidates’ cooperation in the following respects regarding the placement of campaign or political signs:

Avoid placement of signs on city property or in any public right-of-way; 

Avoid placement of signs on any utility poles, light standards or other public facility; 

Avoid placement of signs in areas which will obstruct drivers’ clear view of intersections; and

Make sure that you have the permission of property owners before placing signs on private property.

For more information regarding the City of Weatherford signage ordinance, please visit www.weatherfordtx.gov.

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