Editor's Corner

I am a woman in a managerial position.

It may not sound like anything extraordinary, and I've worked my way up to the ladder to get to where I am.

This week, I got the opportunity to write about Millie Hughes-Fulford, an astronaut, scientist and researcher who grew up in Mineral Wells. She was, to sum it up in one word, incredible.

While I never got the opportunity to meet or speak with her before she passed, I did talk with several of her friends and her daughter.

All of them described her intelligence, her determination and her numerous accomplishments in the field of science. And throughout all of that conversation, one word kept coming in — trailblazer.

At the time when Hughes-Mulford was growing up, it was extremely uncommon for women to even work, much less join an astronaut program. 

Women were required to dress a certain way. One of Hughes-Fulford's friends described being sent home from her workplace to change clothes because she wore a pantsuit that day.

It got me to thinking about all the women who've gone before me. 

The ones who held down the homefront while the men went to war during World War I. 

The ones who pushed relentlessly for women's voting rights. 

The ones who protested for equal rights to education and employment. 

The ones that lobbied so that women could own their own property.

The ones that fought to give a married woman her rights to her own property and wages, as opposed to it all belonging to her husband.

The ones who pushed for a woman to be able to sign a legal document.

I've done most all of these things, and without a second thought.

I am a woman in a managerial position. And I'm thankful to those trailblazers who helped make it possible.

Sally Sexton is the managing editor of the Weatherford Democrat.

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