Thanksgiving through News Year’s are fun and special times of the year most of us enjoy, but it can also be one of the most stressful times of years. If you feel rushed, stress, and overwhelmed here are some tips to boost your mood.

Get enough sleep. Sleep deprivation is a major disturber of people’s moods.

Exercise. One of the quickest ways to boost your mood is to exercise. Even a short walk will help.

Stay in control of your eating. Don’t skip meals, eat breakfast and if you are tempted by something, it may be better to have a small amount of fudge rather than thinking about it and spending calories trying to overcome the indulgence. Also guilt about over eating and binging during Thanksgiving and Christmas can be stressful. Sometimes it may be better to not any of the tempting treats rather than just a little, because even one sweet can make you want more.

Take time and plan ahead. Hurrying and rushing through shopping, cooking and cleaning house can be stressful. So what you can do early can help you enjoy more of the time ahead.

Learn from the past. What triggers the stress? It may mean staying out of the kitchen, staying away from the mall, avoiding a relative or friend that triggers anger and stress.

Make time for real fun. Make time to things you like and enjoy. It may even be simple things like watching Christmas movies, playing games, taking a nap or drinking a cup of hot cocoa.

Behave yourself. If you sulk, snap, tease or shirk, it may feel good at first, but eventually you will not feel good about it.

Spend less and stick to a budget. Concentrate on the real mean of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s such as being thankful, the birth of Christ, and spending time with family.

Say no. This may include parties, dinners and even traditions.

Volunteer. Take time to help people in need, it may be buying something for a needy child, preparing food for elderly, sitting with someone who can’t get out, or ringing the bell for Salvation Army. Whatever you do, volunteering makes you feel good.

Kathy Smith is a Texas A&M AgriLife extension agent in Parker County.

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