This election is a simple choice. Biden who stokes chaos from afar then condemns it from behind the podium, or Trump who has been against it from the beginning and has been solving problems not witnessed in over a generation. Trump is far from perfect, but he protects your right to bear arms, right to worship, and enjoy law and order and many other freedoms we enjoy on a daily basis.

Are you thinking of voting for Biden-Harris?

Harris has supported several measures restricting individual gun ownership. Her interpretation of the 2nd amendment is it only applies to a state regulated militia. Both Harris and Biden support banning many firearms, dubbed as ‘assault rifles,’ which most Americans simply and correctly label as ‘semiautomatic.’ Both would attempt to enforce gun confiscation and mandatory ‘buyback programs’ given the chance. Socialism destroys nations by taking away the ability for people to produce income (Covid) and disarming people from self-protection (buyback programs). Trump has given into socialism to a degree. Imagine having zero recourse to protect your family under Joe Biden’s America.

Under Obama-era policies, pastors’ sermons were subpoenaed by Houston’s City Council when timeless doctrines of Christian faith suddenly became inconsistent with a growing liberal culture. Without push back from citizens, pastors would have been arrested. It could have been me. It could have been your pastor. Biden and Harris want the same policies. For months, we’ve watched riots happen in ‘those’ cities. No big deal. Then, they oozed into OUR state and OUR small towns. If anything, I’m thankful to be reminded this is OUR country and to see it happen elsewhere and say nothing is not only wrong, but ignorant. It’s not ok to be silent just because utter evil is far away on someone else’s doorstep. We’ve watched it from afar, but now feel it getting uncomfortably close. Recent memory reminds us how liberals and democrats ,in general, approved of riots because Trump’s crassness supposedly created it. People needed to be heard, remember? It was about equality, remember? Sadly, Biden and Harris are using very real racial plight as a means to manipulate an election. Don’t be fooled. Now, both Biden and Harris are condemning those same riots, painting a picture of law and order should you vote for “Biden’s America.” Convenient.

Joe Biden is inadequate to lead our country. What’s worse is he is unaware of people’s basic appreciation for honesty. Value your ability to protect your family. Value those around you by voting for Trump.

Ross Mullens is a Weatherford native, teacher and pastor.

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