The pandemic has seemingly slowed our lives down to a crawl. We impatiently long for our lives to get back to “normal.”

But in times like these we dare not neglect our inner life as it continues on at its slow but steady pace. Regardless of our outer circumstances, the human and spiritual parts of us continue to develop. And we have the ability to guide and influence their growth and direction.

Teilhard de Chardin (1881-1955) was a French paleontologist, geologist, philosopher and Jesuit Catholic priest. In his book “Hearts on Fire,” he wrote these words that seem relevant for such a time as this when our endurance is waning, our patience is exhausted, and we are tempted to throw caution to the wind:

Above all, trust in the slow work of God.

We are quite naturally impatient in everything to reach the end without delay. We should like to skip the intermediate stages. We are impatient of being on the way to something unknown, something new.

And yet it is the law of all progress that it is made by passing through some stages of instability — and that it may take a very long time.

And so I think it is with you; your ideas mature gradually— let them grow, let them shape themselves, without undue haste. Don’t try to force them on, as though you could be today what time (that is to say, grace and circumstances acting on your own good will) will make of you tomorrow.

Only God could say what this new spirit, gradually forming within you, will be.

Give Our Lord the benefit of believing that His hand is leading you and accept the anxiety of feeling yourself in suspense and incomplete.

Amen and Amen.

John Paul Carter is a resident of Parker County and a regular contributor to the Weatherford Democrat.

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