Good day Millsap and friends!

Our sweet little community remains calm as hurricanes swirl around and the pandemic continues while social unrest intensifies. The birds singing amidst a gentle breeze can remind us that each day is new and fresh and things will get better. Let not your heart be troubled.

Technology is so far beyond what one could expect only a few years ago. My latest encounter with technology has been the Freestyle Libre System. My husband is diabetic and he hates to finger prick so we decided to try the Libre System to monitor his blood sugar. It uses an app on the phone and a sensor that is changed every 14 days. The phone is held up to the sensor and it will then beep and display his blood sugar reading. It was a rough start as the first two sensors did not work and we had some trouble downloading the app but now that it is working it is amazing. He likes any gadget so he is checking a lot more often. Our insurance paid for it. Check it out!

The members of the Garden Club will meet Wednesday, September 2nd at the Millsap Community Center. Social distancing and masks are encouraged. The pot luck lunch begins at 11:30. This is the first meeting of the year so it is a good time to join. Dues are $15 annually and orders are being taken for a cute t-shirts.

Keep our schools and staff in your thoughts and prayers.

Be safe and careful everyone!

Susie Schofield is a resident of Millsap. Contact her at

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